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Best Twin Toddler Bed: Say 'Yeah' to this Convertible Design

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Shopping for a toddler bed? Well then, as parents of toddlers or small children, we know you have your hands full. Buying a toddler bed can be the first "real" kids bed after the crib, and there is a lot to consider - safety, comfort, style and fun! Start - or end - your search with our best selling "Yeah" twin toddler bed for boys and girls! Keep in mind that you can get it in white, chestnut or natural finishes!
toddler bed with guardrail

Five Reasons to Look at the Yeah Toddler Bed

The Maxtrix daybed is the centerpiece of our furniture system and the perfect starter kids bed for your toddler. There are certainly more reasons to shop Maxtrix boy's and girl's daybeds, but here are some highlights!twin xl kids bed

1. Safety: Opt for the front guardrails

Concerned about your little one falling out of the bed at night or taking a tumble during playtime? We've helped to minimize that fear. These front safety rails make it a perfect choice for the transition from a crib to first real toddler bed. (See safety rail specs.)
toddler bed with guardrail

2. Style: Accessories your Yeah!

Want a place to hideaway? Playful top tents in bright color combinations make it fun to go to bed at night. Toddlers enjoy the perfect hide-and-seek destination and also sleep soundly behind what feels like a protective barrier. The sides of the top tent can pull back for an open fort look. Easily remove the top tent from your toddler bed when the time is right. 

twin toddler bed with top tent

Small space? Need extra storage options? Here you go! Add bedside storage to your twin size toddler bed for easy access to drinks, books and stuffed animals.

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3. Comfort: Cozy sleep time!

The right mattress, pillows and other comfy accessories create a soft & snugly environment for your toddler and parents! We have the perfect twin mattress for your daybed but also take a look at our mattress covers, pillows & bolsters (available in so many colors!)

twin daybed with storage drawers


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4. Storage: Keep it functional & tidy!

Storage is often a big concern for toddler rooms, and rightfully so - you will need lots of space to store toys and books! Make clean-up time a breeze with under-bed storage! We've tested these drawers with kids of all ages and they are certainly mom-approved. Little hands stay safe with our quality construction and design. Interested in under-bed storage? Get inspired with our best kids under-bed storage.

toddler daybed with storage
Sleepover time? Add a trundle bed that slides out from underneath the daybed when you need it, giving you the perfect sibling sleepover. Add a twin trundle bed to your toddler bed, and the functionality is complete.
daybed with trundle

5. Longevity: Converts for years of fun

With the Maxtrix System you can create the perfect toddler bed for your needs today and also easily change out accessories, top tents and storage so your child's room will grow up with them.maxtrix kids furniture that growsMany toddler beds for boys and girls are smaller than a standard twin size and kids quickly outgrow that size quickly. With Maxtrix you get a standard twin which will last for years to come and works with standard bedding and accessories. Raise up this basic toddler bed later and make it a bunk bed when perhaps a sibling comes. ;) Or, make it a loft bed with functional storage or study space underneath the bed! You'll buy one of these twin beds for kids once and it will stay with you for years to come! loft bed with slide and stairs

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Ready to get started? Check out the toddler bed collection. If you'd like more information about any of our products or want help shopping, our friendly customer service team is available via our online live chat tool or fill out our design form!
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Add a Maxtrix Award-Winning Mattresses

We offer a few different types of low profile mattresses for your kid's bed. Take a look at our handy mattress guide and then shop confidently knowing your twin size mattress from Maxtrix was voted #1 best mattress by Sleepline.
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