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How to Choose a Kids Mattress: The Maxtrix Mattress Buying Guide

How to Shop for a Kids or Toddler Mattress

Searching for the perfect kids mattress for your kids room? It may not be as easy as finding the right kids bed. In fact, shopping for kids mattresses can be very complicated – there are lots of brands, options and sales messages. As adults, we spend a lot of time trying out many mattresses before finally choosing the right one. But how much effort and time are we spending on kids mattresses? Children and teens spend more time in bed than adults, and their bones need proper support while developing and growing. Let's also not forget the "occasional" spills and wear and tear kids mattresses endure! So, buying the right mattress for your child is actually a very important decision. See who Sleepline just rated #1 Best Kids Mattress - Maxtrix! mattress saleIn this mattress buying guide, we’ll answer the most common questions people have when mattress shopping and cover the most important things to consider when buying a kids mattresses, bunk mattresses and loft mattresses. Shop mattress collection.

Questions to ask before buying a kids mattress.

What mattress firmness is best for kids?

When buying the best mattress for your child, it is important to consider how firm or soft the mattress is. A soft mattress will be plush and comfortable while providing a forgiving surface. On the other hand, a firm mattress will ease motion transfer and give greater lower back support. To get the best combination of both, we recommend purchasing a medium-firm mattress.

Our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses feature a medium firmness to offer pressure point relief and provide the ideal balance of comfort and support. And with each having a high-density base foam layer, our medium-firm mattresses work with your 14-slat Maxtrix bunk bed, loft bed or single bed to offer superior support without needing a Bunkie board or box spring.medium firm mattress for kids beds bunk beds

What mattress thickness is best for bunk beds and loft beds?

The best mattress for bunk beds and loft beds is a low-profile mattress between 5” and 8” thick. These mattresses will maximize the industry-leading, 16” guard rail height on your Maxtrix kids bed to offer even greater sleep security on the top bunk or loft.

guardrails height maxtrix bedsFor a comfortable and supportive design without the bulk, our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses are the best choice for your kids bed. Packing all the comfort of a 10” mattress into a low-profile design, our mattresses feature the same cradling support and cooling comfort you love with a size that is perfect for pairing with your bunk or loft.

What mattresses are safe for kids?

When it comes to buying a new kids mattress, safety should always be at the top of your list. The best mattress for kids will feature non-toxic foams and eco-friendly materials to create a safe sleeping surface. With this in mind, we’ve designed our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses with CertiPUR-US® certified foams made without formaldehyde, mercury, lead, or other harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Our hypoallergenic mattresses for kids are also low VOC, so you can feel good knowing your child will sleep safe and kids mattresses

What mattress cover is best?

When buying a kids mattress, it is also important to consider what mattress cover is best. A good mattress cover will be breathable to allow air to circulate and create a cool sleeping surface. It’s also key to note what the mattress cover is made of. Each mattress cover on a Maxtrix Premium Memory Foam Mattress is made with organic cotton for a soft, plush feel that you can also feel good about. The breathable mattress covers are also easy to remove and are machine washable for a clean and fresh sleeping space.breathable mattress covers for kids mattresses

What is the best cooling mattress for kids?

As adults, we all know the benefits a cooling mattress can have. Sleeping hot can prohibit us from waking up feeling refreshed – and the same goes for kids! The best cooling mattresses will feature perforated foam to offer greater breathability. We’ve taken this a step further and designed our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses with Cooling Gel Memory Foam to help keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Our 8-Inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress also includes our Engineered AirFlo Foam with cutout channels to help move heat and humidity away from the mattress.cooling mattress for kids beds

What size mattress is best for kids?

The best mattress for your kid often depends upon their lifestyle. Do they need a twin mattress or twin XL mattress for their bunk bed or loft bed? Or would they like a full, full XL, or queen mattress for more sleeping space? Our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses are made to fit their needs and space perfectly. Check out the quick breakdown of our mattress sizes below:maxtrix best mattresses for kids loft bunksTwin Mattress: 75 inches long by 39 inches wide, these mattresses are great for younger children and smaller rooms and are perfect for bunks and lofts. Shop Twin Memory Foam mattress.

Twin XL Mattress: 80 inches long by 39 inches wide, these are the best mattresses for taller kids and college-age kids while still being narrow enough for small spaces. Shop Twin XL Memory Foam mattress.

Full Mattress: 75 inches long by 54 inches wide, these mattresses are great for older children, tweens and teens. Shop Full Memory Foam mattress.

Full XL Mattress: 80 inches long by 54 inches wide, these are the best mattresses for those looking for more space to stretch out in their medium-size room. Shop Full XL Memory Foam mattress.

Queen Mattress: 80 inches long by 60 inches wide, these mattresses are great for older kids and are perfect for guest rooms and vacation rentals. Shop Queen Memory Foam mattress.queen size mattress

What size is a kids trundle mattress?

Trundle beds are extra accommodations for occasional guests. They fit right underneath kids beds and bunk beds. They do need a special trundle sized mattress, which is a little shorter than a regular twin and 5" thick. Maxtrix trundle mattresses are available in Twin and Twin XL sizes. We recommend the Twin XL size for a trundle that sits under an XL or Queen size bed or bunk. Our (foam based) trundle mattress fits perfectly into the Maxtrix® trundle bed frame and creates a great comfy sleeping spot for overnight guests.

Trundle Mattress: 72 inches long by 39 inches wide, these smaller mattresses are perfect for pairing with your Maxtrix trundle bed to create the ideal space for sleepover guests.trundle mattress for bunk beds

What mattress type is best?

The best mattress type for you largely depends on your personal preferences. Foam, innerspring, hybrid and latex mattresses all offer great benefits. To get the best of all of these mattress types, we recommend going with a memory foam mattress. Our Premium Memory Foam Mattresses have the comforting feel of a foam mattress with medium-firm support comparable to an innerspring mattress. The Cooling Gel Memory Foam in our memory foam mattresses keeps you cool and comfortable, similar to a latex mattress for kids

What queen mattress is best for kids?

A queen mattress is a great option for taller kids or those that need more space to stretch out. A queen-size mattress is also ideal for Airbnb’s, guest rooms, and vacation homes because of its one-size-fits-all design. The best queen mattress for kids will include both comfortable and supportive foams that are also incredibly durable.

Our 8-Inch Premium Queen Memory Foam Mattress for Kids features a thicker Cooling Gel Memory Foam layer and 2 inches of our Engineered AirFlo Foam with channel cutouts to allow for extra mattress breathability. The high-density base foam offers superior support and durability – something kids and parents both love! This 8-inch mattress design is also the perfect height for a variety of different kids beds. Pair it with your Maxtrix queen bunk bed or queen loft bed for the perfect fit with your guard rails, or match it with your Maxtrix basic or traditional queen bed for a comfortable setup without sacrificing headboard height.8" memory foam mattress for kids bunk beds

What should I know about bed slats? Why is this important?

At Maxtrix® our slats are tested to support up to 800 lb’s per bed - so they are super sturdy - and best of all, the slats are already included in your Maxtrix® purchase!! Maxtrix® slats are made from 100% natural wood and because they are gaps between the slats, it helps the mattress ventilate and get rid of the moisture that accumulates inside the mattress throughout its lifetime.

All Maxtrix® slats come with 14 cross-bars, each 3.5 inches wide, including an additional middle support beam for full size beds. And did we mention that each Maxtrix® bed comes with a slat roll included already? Read Maxtrix Safety Standards.bed slats for safe kids bed

What mattress should I buy?

For your best night’s sleep, choose a Maxtrix Premium Memory Foam Mattress. With the perfect blend of cool comfort and support, our mattresses are ideal for growing kids and adults alike. Shop our mattress collection to find the best mattress for your Maxtrix bed!best kids mattresses

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