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Beds for Kids Rooms with Low Ceilings

Beds for Kids Rooms with Low Ceilings

Are you furnishing a kid's room with low ceilings? Small spaces? Strange angles or corners? We have the perfect bed for you. Maxtrix offers low to mid lofts and bunk beds, single beds, and toddler beds - all perfect for short ceilings. Start by measuring your space using our fit & measurement guide - check for depth, width and height - and then consult this handy guide for small or awkward spaces.

Low Lofts with Storage

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Stuck with Low Ceilings? Small Rooms?

If you are considering an elevated bed, take into account extra space on the top bed for your child to comfortably move around with enough head room. Our low loft bedslow bunk beds, and medium bunk beds are perfect options to maximize space even in rooms that may seem too small to accommodate elevated beds.

low loft beds for short ceilings in kids rooms

medium high bunk beds for short ceilings in kids rooms

low bunk beds short bunk beds

Low Lofts

Low lofts are 50.75” tall (about 4.2 feet), leaving plenty of headroom even if the room has 8’ ceilings.

white low loft with desk
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Low Bunks & Mid Lofts

Mid lofts and low bunks are the same height (61.5”/5.1 feet), and can comfortably sleep whomever is in the top bunk; even if you have a low ceiling. We recommend calculating at least a 2 foot/24” headroom over and above the height of your bed – so if your home has 8 foot ceilings, these beds would more than fit!

MID LOFT measurements
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Low Bunk Beds
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Even medium high bunk beds and corner beds work really well with 8' ceilings!

medium height bunk bed

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Small Rooms with Strange Angles and Corners?

All of our beds are 80” wide (head to foot), and come in a choice of standard twin (42.5”) or full (57.5”) depth - we even have XL & Queen sizes now. If the size of the room is a concern, consider going with a straight ladder as the most space saving option to enter your bed.

low loft with storage and desk for small rooms

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With Maxtrix, You can also add either a ladder or a staircase to the side of any bed – effectively entering through the footboard. This option is very popular with people who have space constraints of want to maximize difficult to maneuver corners and angles. Here's a helpful guide to help you select the right entry - staircases or ladders.

ladder on footboard of bunk bed for small rooms

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Small Room with Limited Storage?

Is your son or daughter's room small and without a built-in closet? Or, is the closet super small and likely already full? Consider a loft bed with storage, which you can customize with your choice of shelves, dressers or play curtains. The best part of a Maxtrix bed is that you can easily reconfigure it later; ex: slide the dresser out as a standalone and add something different like a desk underneath the loft.

low loft bed with storage for kids and small rooms
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Tall Ceilings but Narrow Room?

If you have a room with tall ceilings but a narrow footprint, consider our high loft bed. They create lots of space by lifting the bed off the floor, allowing you to either leave the space open, or utilize it as you see fit; add storage, seating, a study area, or make space for a hobby (it’s a great spot for that drum-set!)

High Loft Bed with desk for narrow room

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Need to Sleep Many in a Small Kids Room?

Our triple and quad bunk beds can even fit in what may seem like the smallest spaces. With the ability to choose low or mid heights for our bunk beds, shorter ceilings aren't a problem. Depending on your room dimensions, you might try a low or mid height corner bunk or a longer quadruple bunk bed.

quadruple bunk bed for room with short ceilings

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Room with Strange Angle?

If this is you, consider our parallel bunks where the bunk beds can be assembled parallel to each other or in an L-shaped configuration. We have lots of options for beds to sleep 1,2,3, or more in small rooms with strange angles! Contact us to determine the best fit for you.

Parallel bunk bed natural
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Remember all Maxtrix ladders and staircases are fully reversible, so you can assemble them to suit your needs.

triple corner bed for small kids room
And, add bedside or under-bed storage for pure space-saving maximization. 

under bed storage for bunk bed
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Ready to get started? Measure your space and consult with our design team. No matter the angle of your ceiling or height, we definitely have a configuration that will work in your space. Simply start by filling out our short design form, or take a look at our most popular unique solutions for kids rooms with low ceilings!

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