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Hudson's Elementary School Room Upgrade to Low Loft Bed with Desk

boys room low loft with desk
For young kids, each year that goes by means new experiences and interests, possibly new schools, and definitely longer legs. :) We first met Hudson when he and his sister, Presley, shared their young preschool room together. Mom, Alexie Flook from Raised Kind, chose Maxtrix Twin XL beds for each child and created separate sleeping quarters for their coed shared room. Now, the family has moved into a new home, and both kids are excited to enjoy their independent rooms. With Hudson starting elementary school, it was time to upgrade his bed to a Twin XL Loft Bed with Desk - the perfect combination of sleeping up high, saving space and completing homework after school at his study station:
natural low loft bed with desk
But, let's take a step back and see just how this new design became possible. Here's Hudson's original twin xl bed from his shared room with Presley:
twin xl natural boys bed
Alexie was drawn to Maxtrix initially because of their unparalleled safety and sustainability measures. She really wanted to keep using the bed components, which the Maxtrix System allows.
maxtrix bed system for kids
With the help of the Maxtrix Design team, Alexie was able to figure out the best setup to accommodate their kindergartner's needs while also fitting into a very different room layout. Unlike most rectangular kids rooms, Hudson had a narrow hallway entry and a bumpout in the back corner for his closet. Ultimately, the team settled on the perfect design that utilized the one larger corner in his room.
corner low loft bed with desk
Hudson's new setup includes his original Twin XL bed now raised with Maxtrix leg extenders, converting it to a low loft bed.
low loft bed extenders
They opted for a straight ladder for a minimalistic design and to free up floor space.
straight ladder for low loft
Alexie added a Maxtrix 2 Drawer Student Desk that slides right under the bed when unused. The extra storage provided by the deep drawers helps to keep his work zone clean and tidy, while the desktop offers plenty of space for arts and crafts, homework and studies. 
top of kids desk large work space
deep drawer in desk

2512-111 : Furniture Chair, Red/White


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The end result is a low loft with desk, which is perfect for elementary-aged kids. Because she originally chose a Twin XL size bed, there are 4 extra inches of leg space for Hudson to grow into as he gets older. 
twin xl loft bed
The lofted bed is supported by super sturdy under-bed slats, so Alexie knows not only will Hudson sleep safely, but she can also join him for bedtime reading or snuggles.
under-bed slats
And, now the space underneath the bed can be used for hanging out, reading and playing.
under loft bed
Hear more from Alexie, or shop either of his room designs now.

Mom Designs Kindergartner Room with a Low Loft with Desk

It’s hard to believe that Hudson is starting kindergarten this year! We wanted to create a space for him where he could chill at the end of the day while also providing a place to do his school work or just practice what he’s doing in school. We wanted to upgrade his “baby” room to a big boy room!
boys room desk and chair under loft bed
The Maxtrix Team is always blowing my mind! Not only were my questions always answered timely and professionally, but I was able to send my room dimensions to their design team who thoughtfully helped me choose the best location and set-up for a bed! They obviously appreciate how important the process is and are not afraid to dedicate their time to making sure you find exactly what you are looking for! 

low loft desk on end configuration
It took very little time to assemble the bed, and it was easy to maneuver around the room. The whole process was seamless!
mom and kids low loft room
I have no idea what the future looks like for Hudson’s room, but we worked hard to create a space that could grow with him, and hope he enjoys the bed for years to come.
boys room kid at loft bed with desk
Presley, his younger sister, loves Hudson’s bed and wants to transform her Maxtrix bed also! I have a feeling we will be doing something different for her, though, and might even put the two girls in a room together by converting her bed to a bunk bed. That’s the awesome thing about Maxtrix beds, though, is that there is no limit to all the things you can do!
girls twin xl toddler bed
It is 100% worth the investment to go with Maxtrix. The beds we have are as beautiful now as they were the day we got them. The ease of use, the constant access to the design staff at Maxtrix HQ, and the limitless ways to change, upgrade, and grow the beds continues to amaze me. I am SO GLAD we found Maxtrix! They seriously make bedtime more fun and way cuter.
low loft for kids

Learning at Home Study Environments 

Whether your child is virtual learning, homeschooling or attending school in-person year round, having a "home base" for your child to study and learn is essential to their success. For small spaces, combining beds with desks creates a multi-functional setup for both sleep and studies. With options as small as a twin xl low loft like Alexie's, to high queen lofts, there are options for every age - elementary to college. 

queen size loft bed

HEFTY XL NS : Standard Loft Beds Queen High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder on Front, Slat, Natural

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