Our Story

Maxwood Furniture was founded in 2005, with a Simple Mission: To create quality children’s furniture we would have loved to have when we were kids.

Being parents ourselves, we understand well that kid’s needs and preferences change quickly. Many times we have purchased expensive toys or furniture for our children just to have to discard them a few months later. This simply did not make sense to us.

We also saw that many kids’ rooms lacked the space, functionality and the inspiration to fully enjoy the most critical years of development. Dreaming, playing and exploring are not only part of the joys of being a child - they are important behaviors that help kids grow into creative, well balanced adults.

So based on our European design sensibilities, years of experience in the furniture industry and our conviction that a high quality and extra safe piece of furniture can, and should be reused, we created not just a new line of furniture, but a whole new concept to the children’s furniture market - A new brand called Maxtrix®!

In 2009 we found a fantastic partner in Vietnam, who helped us build our dedicated factory. All equipment, machinery and processes we use are geared towards the optimization of our furniture as well as making manufacturing processes efficient, resulting in industry leading waste material reduction. In 2013 we decided to move our corporate Headquarters to beautiful Mt Pleasant South Carolina where we also opened our very first Maxtrix® Kids Rooms retail store.

We built our designs with safety as our number one priority – so much so, that we often not only meet minimum safety standards, but our products actually beat them. As we now ship our products beyond US borders, we are proud to say that our beds also conform to stringent European safety testing. Our hardwoods are sustainably sourced, the lacquers are certified safe for children, and our fabrics are made out of 100% cotton.

Based on this solid foundation, we have added lots and lots of fun accessories, design options and practical add-on’s to help you create the perfect environment for your children. If it’s a super fun indoor playground, complete with a slide and castle tower, a sturdy bunk bed that withstands years of play, or a great study loft that helps your teen focus on their upcoming exams – all of these options can be created from the first Maxtrix® bed they started with. Great quality, re-usable, imaginative, and super-safe.

For our family, this was the solution we were looking for - We hope it fits perfectly for your family too!

Kind regards,
The Maxtrix® Kids Furniture Team