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Maxtrix Is the World's Largest Furniture System

At Maxtrix®, we believe the best bed for your kid is the one that fits their lifestyle perfectly. We’re passionate about crafting beds that help you bring both fun and functionality into your home. With our unique modular designs, we’ve revolutionized the way kids' beds are made. Over many years of dedication in crafting the perfect kids’ furniture, we are proud to say - this is furniture we would have loved to have when we were kids.

Customizable for Today and Tomorrow 

In 2004, we pioneered the idea of a bed that could be reconfigured as your kids’ grow. Our innovative modular system means that you can customize your kids’ bed to perfectly fit their room or lifestyle when their needs change. Slides, tents, storage drawers and more are designed to be switched out simply and easily. With many different colors, styles and sizes to choose from, we’ve made it easy to design and re-design your perfect solution.

European Craftsmanship

We grew up in Europe, and this time was very influential in the creative process for our unique line of furniture. Through a combination of German engineering and Danish design, we’ve built our beds using only the best materials and equipped them with the most innovative safety features on the market. As parents ourselves, we’ve always wanted to ensure our beds are crafted with the same care and attention that you would give to your kids. 

From Charleston, for a Sustainable Future

From our earliest days in Connecticut to our current Headquarters in Charleston, SC, we’ve set out to change the way kids furniture is made from the ground up. Built on the principle of reusing materials and adding on to products rather than throwing them away, our strong, durable designs and reusable components are the foundation of our sustainability philosophy. We are proud to source our wood from sustainably managed forests so each bed is crafted to be a sustainable furniture system solution for a better future.

Quality and Safety

Since our founding, we’ve always made quality and safety our top priority. Solid maple, birch and aspen wood create a knot-free support system that’s incredibly sturdy. We’ve also engineered our unique Rock Lock™ leg bolts to provide strong, rock solid connections to all our bunk and loft beds. The industry leading extra tall guardrails make our bed’s safety second to none. And with every one of our finishes being low VOC, our beds are simply the perfect choice for every kid's room.

Timeless Style 

We’ve never wanted to sacrifice style when building our fun and functional beds. That’s why in addition to their quality and safe construction, our collection of bunk, loft and single beds offers a beautiful selection of colors and styles that pair with every design and decor. Style matters and we believe every child should have a room that’s as unique as they are.

At Maxtrix®, kids furniture isn’t just something we do, it’s our passion. We know there’s a lot of options, and we’re here to help. Chat with our US based Expert Team and we’ll help you design and choose the right bed that caters to your unique style and space.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about your Maxtrix® furniture. Contact us or leave a review.

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