Storage & Desks Fit and Measurement Guide

Use this guide to learn how to customize your Low, Mid, or High Loft with our variety of storage options. 

There's never enough storage space, so why not use the space under your child's bed to create a whole new level of organized! Extra deep drawers with self closing glides & English dovetail construction are just some of the quality features you'll get with Maxtrix casegoods.

Storage for any Height Loft

Number of drawers or shelves corresponds to the loft height it is meant to be paired with. So our 3 Drawer Dressers & 3 Drawer Bookshelves fit beneath Low Loft Beds, 4 Drawer/Shelf casegoods fit Mid Lofts, and 5 Drawer/Shelf pieces go with High Loft Beds.

Ladder Loft Ideas

Turn your child's bed into the Ultimate Storage Cube! Straight ladder sits flush against the bed, minimizing overall footprint to maximize free floor space.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Dressers

6 Drawer Dresser at the front + 3 Drawer Dresser at the end provide storage galore! Perfect for rooms with minimal closet space.


Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder, Dressers + Desk

Storage + Study! Two 3 Drawer Dressers plus a Student Desk, which pulls out easily for homework then slides back underneath.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Dresser & Bookcase

Fun meets function in this combo. 6 Drawer Dresser stores clothes, while 3 Shelf Bookcase displays books and toys. 

Staircase Loft Ideas

Stairs are a safe way for young children to climb into bed & sturdy enough for adults. Added bonus – steps double as storage drawers, great for clothes or toys.

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs + Dresser & Bookcase

6 Drawer Dresser adds plenty of storage for clothes. Cute Narrow 3 Shelf Bookcase keeps their favorite books & toys off the floor.


Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs + Dressers

Two 3 Drawer Dressers make this the perfect solution for a bedroom with no closet or a little fashionista with a big wardrobe!

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs, Storage + Desk

Sleep, Study & Storage! Roll-out Desk, Narrow 3 Shelf Bookcase and 3 Drawer Dresser so you get the best of everything.

Go Full Size!

You can make a Full Size Storage Low Loft (low lofts only) by adding a Narrow Bookcase to a Ladder Loft or a vanity panel to a Staircase Loft (any height loft).

Full Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Dressers & Bookcase

Full size means additional width for another storage piece. This combo features three 3 Drawer Dressers + Narrow 3 Shelf Bookcase.

Full Low Loft Bed with Stairs + Dresser & Bookcase

Combine a Staircase with 6 Drawer Dresser & Narrow 3 Shelf Bookcase for extra built-in storage.

Add a Desk

High and Ultra High Lofts offer over 4 ft of underbed space, allowing enough clearance to sit comfortably. Add a desk to create a space-saving study nook.

Twin High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk

Attached matching Long Desk runs the length of the bed, for a sturdy clean finish. Built-in space to complete homework!

Twin High Loft Bed + Corner Desk

Our Corner Desk is designed to fit at the short end of the loft bed, but can also be arranged along the long back-side.

Customize Your Own Loft

Staircase Possibilities

Mix & Match any of the components below to customize your perfect loft bed. 

37.5" Components

Three, Four, and Five Shelf bookcases

Three, Four, and Five Drawer dressers

4-Drawer Cube Unit (Low Loft only)

22" Components

60" Components

15" Components