The Maxtrix System

The Furniture System that Grows

Maxtrix® Kids is a furniture system - so everything we sell is based on components that can be configured (and re-configured) any way you would like. See something you like but want to change the ladder? No problem with Maxtrix® Kids - everything is modular.

Want the Play Bed today but worried she may grow out of it quickly? That's exactly why we have created this system. You can re-use components and create the perfect environment for your child not just once, but many times over.

It's simply the most economical and environmentally sustainable method to furnish your child's room.

Choose your finish




Choose your bed end style

Curved (White Only)
Modern Slat

Choose your bed size

Beds are measured corner to corner

Twin: 42.5” x 80” (108cm x 203cm)
Twin XL: 42.5" x 84" (108cm x 213cm)
Full: 57.5” x 80” (146cm x 203cm)
Full XL: 57.5" x 84" (146cm x 213cm)
Queen: 64” x 84” (163cm x 213cm)

See our Fit & Measurement page to learn more.

Customize it now & change it later

Their First Bed

The perfect Starter Bed can be customized with safety rails, underbed storage or top tents to create a seamless transition from crib to big kid bed. Need more inspiration? Check out our kid bed bundles and kids beds under $1,000.

Their Perfect Bunk

Create a bunk bed by simply adding another bed and your choice of ladder or staircase. Choose your height (low, medium or high) and add underbed storage or an additional trundle for sleepovers. 

Their Study Escape

Raise your bed off the floor by adding different height leg extensions to create a loft bed. Customize it even further with bookcases, storage drawers and even a desk to create the ideal study and lounge area. 

See how the Maxtrix® System worked for Hudson, Zoe, and Jackson!


Hudson’s First Big Boy Bed Transformed Into A Low Loft with Desk

Equipped with underbed storage to save space while he shared a room with his younger sister, Hudson's first big boy bed was a classic choice. When it was time to have his own room, he and mom used parts from the existing bed and with a few other components were able to reconfigure it into a low loft. By adding a desk that easily slides under the bed when not in use, Hudson is able to sleep and study all in one space. Read more on Hudson’s shared kids room.

To recreate this look, you’ll need: Twin basic bed, underbed dresser | Twin low loft, small 2 drawer desk, chair

Zoe’s Bunk Bed with Stairs Converted Into A Custom Mid Loft With Storage and Study
This staggered bunk with hidden underbed storage (and even more in the stairs!) was perfect when planning sleepovers with her friends. As Zoe grew up, she realized more storage and a study space all her own was needed. She and her mom worked with our Design Team to reconfigure her existing bunk bed. Using the bottom full bunk, and adding a few extra parts we created a custom study loft. See more of how Zoe’s redesigned her room with a secret hideaway.

To recreate this look, you’ll need: Full mid loft, 6 drawer dresser, narrow 3 shelf bookcase and a student desk | Twin over full bunk bed with under bed storage drawers.

Jackson’s Queen High Loft Converts Into a Queen over Queen Bunk Bed with an Added Trundle. 

Moving into a new home meant a bigger bed for Jackson. He, and parents, opted for a queen high loft with ladder on end to maximize the space in the front so he could transform the underneath into a study and lounge area. After a year, and creating a makeshift bunk for family and guests who visited, they decided to transform his XL loft into an XL bunk bed. 

To recreate Jackson’s room you’ll need: Queen high loft, small 2 drawer desk, chair | Queen bunk, xl trundle bed.


The Ever Changing Maxtrix® Bed

As your kids grow and their needs change, Maxtrix® can change too. Need more storage? Add a staircase. Have a small room? Put the ladder on the end. Homework? Add a desk. Maxtrix® dressers even fit cleanly under our Low, Mid, and High Lofts to maximum space and storage. We also offer Ultra Lofts, perfect for study spaces. 

If you can dream it, Maxtrix® can do it.

Create your perfect Storage Loft

Maximize space with our Storage Loft options. Choose from different height Dressers and Bookshelves to perfectly fit Low, Medium, and High Lofts.

The Maxtrix® Low Loft is our most versatile Loft. In addition to Dressers and Bookcases, you can mix and match many toy storage options.

Dressers & Bookcases

Our Maxtrix® Dressers and Bookcases are designed to be freestanding or to fit perfectly under our Low, Mid, or High Loft beds. 

Create the perfect Storage Loft with a combination of dressers, bookcases, and storage cubbies. 


Rock Lock

With our Rock-Lock™ connection, bed conversions are easy and super safe. Our system safely compresses the leg extensions onto the bed legs via solid steel bolts and include set screws that wedge into the bolt opening. The result is a rock solid connection.


Maxtrix® Guardrails are 16" high (the tallest in the industry!) from the slat to the top of the rail. Click here to learn more about Maxtrix® safety.

Modular Components

Modular components make it easy to put your perfect bed in the most demanding of spaces. All of our beds can be assembled "mirror image". Ladders, Staircases and Slides are completely reversible. Separate bunks, or remove loft leg extensions. Maxtrix® is a "furniture system" designed to grow with your family. Change it up at any time with interchangeable, reusable pieces.

Don't see what you want?

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please chat, call or email our customer service team who can help you customize your space. No matter how many angles or obstacles, the Maxtrix® system can create the perfect solution for any Kids Room.