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Back to School Furniture Guide: Preschool

Back to School Furniture Guide: Preschool

It seems like everyone in the home gets nervous when it's time for our young toddlers to start preschool. The reality is that they probably handle it better than we do as parents. ;) There are are a few things, however, we can do in the home to help them transition well. Most importantly, let's make sure they are well rested and ready for a half or full day of fun, and in some instances, homeschooling or virtual learning. This starts with setting their bedrooms up well. We can help you there with our Preschool Furniture.

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Top Bedroom Furniture for Preschoolers


Preschool and Toddler Beds

Sleep! It's perhaps the most important ingredient to our preschoolers success. Start practicing good routines now during the summer months so they don't get into any bad sleeping habits. Here are five tips for summer sleep success.


The right bed helps to ensure your preschooler is getting a good night's sleep. Here are some of our most popular toddler beds - keep in mind that all of our beds are customizable in that you can choose the color finish, headboard and footboard styles and optional accessories like top tents and curtains.

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Twin Toddler Bed Kids Beds White Slat

Twin Toddler Bed

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Twin Toddler Bed with Tent Kids Beds Soft Pink + White White Slat

Twin Toddler Bed with Tent

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Toddler and Preschool Tables + Desks

It takes more than just a good night's sleep! Organization is a skill that even young preschoolers can begin learning at home. Start with simple actions like folding pants or stacking artwork or papers. This will help your child start a good habit that he or she can then carry with them to preschool. A great dresser or toy bin can make all the difference at clean-up time. A play table and chairs set can help them get setup for craft or homework time and move easily into a focused state of mind. And, soft, cute accessories can make the room fun! Here are some of our favorites for toddlers and preschoolers:

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There's Something for Everyone!

Are your children growing out of their preschool years? Don't worry... you can continue on with your Maxtrix bed and furniture and rearrange or convert them into a completely different look. Let's get you started with some ideas in our elementary and middle school post. Older siblings? Try our High School & College Buying Guide

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Trundle Bed Kids Beds White

Trundle Bed

Twin Toddler Bed Kids Beds White Slat

Twin Toddler Bed

5 Shelf Bookcase Furniture Natural

5 Shelf Bookcase

Low Bookcase Furniture Natural

Low Bookcase

Chair Furniture White/Natural


2 Drawer Student Desk Furniture White

2 Drawer Student Desk


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