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Back to School Furniture Guide: High School & College

queen size loft bed with desk
Summer is a quite rewarding time for recent middle and high school graduates who have just finished up major exams and achieved significant milestones. Gearing up for the next chapter in life is exciting but also a little scary. We remember all of the nervous energy involved with high school and college preparation. Want to simplify the furniture search for home, dorm and apartment life? Consult our handy guide or shop our High School & College Furniture Collection with our best selling and most popular loft beds, bunk beds, desks and study beds for the emerging high school and college student. 

Loft Beds with Desks for Bedrooms, Dorms and Apartments

High lofts are preferred by high school and college students as they sit high enough off the ground, which is great for two reasons. One, students feel like their sleeping quarters in a shared room is more private with the bed elevated, and, two, there is a lot of space underneath the bed for studying and storing personal items.

Our high loft and ultra high loft study beds are very popular for this reason. The bed sizes range from Twin and Full to Twin XL, Full XL and Queen. Add a long desk underneath for the best study/sleep combination or use the space for standalone bookcases, dressers, nightstands or smaller desks. 

And, keep in mind that all lofts easily customize to the room dimensions, so the ladder entry can reverse and change sides (even sit off the footboard) when needed for the same price.

Bunk Beds & Corner Beds for Shared Spaces

Trying to fit multiple teens in one space? You can't go wrong with bunk beds - especially larger sizes now available in XL & Queen for longer legs and arms. Need two different sizes? Try a Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed, which is popular with tweens, teens and even adults! 
 twin over queen bunk bed

And, don't forget about another shared bedroom option. Corner bunk beds provide sleeping quarters for more than one child AND you have dedicated space for study or relaxation.

Shop this Bed - Penthouse

Shop this Bed - High Rise

Single Beds for High School Bedrooms, College & Dorm

Lucky enough to get a private dorm room or off-campus apartment? Still at home for high school? Then sharing and privacy are not quite a concern, so we recommend a single bed with low panel footboards. Try a few different headboard styles out - curved, panel or slat - in your favorite finish - white, chestnut or natural - and create the perfect single bed look!

College Furniture for Students

If opting for a single bed (or bunk bed), maximize the configuration by adding under-bed storage or pullout trundle beds for friends.

And, stand alone desks are always nice! We have the perfect selection for older high school and college students with deep drawers that will hold the massive text books!

Study Tips for Teens

Create a quiet space free from distraction- A dedicated work space helps keep students focused and centered. Quiet doesn't have to mean silent. Some children work better with music playing while they study and do homework. Especially if they are in a particularly loud setting from other siblings or outside noises. Creating a space just for your child to focus on their work promotes consistency and builds good habits.

High Loft with Stairs and Desk
Organization- As children grow so does their workload in school. Give them the space to store all the supplies they need to be successful. Adding a hutch to a desk or a bookcase can help keep all your study materials within reach. Or, a long desk that has extra storage space for notepads, books and drawing utensils.

Keep it personal and unique- Accessorize! Decorate and encourage your child to personalize their space. Creating a positive study environment is just as important as keeping it clean and organized. Hang good grades on the wall as reminders of how awesome your child did on that math test. Inspirational quotes are fun, and easy to find and print from Pinterest.


High School & College Furniture Design

Want more Back to High School or College help or furniture information? Feel free to tap our design team standing by!