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Loft Bed with Desk for Small Room & Study Environments

loft bed with desk
Back to School is a great time to create the right environment for your child to get serious about school. The kitchen table may do the trick when nobody else is around, but seriously... when is that ever the case? When you are a kid, staying focused is tough – and siblings, pets and parents can be terribly disruptive when it’s time to hit the books. So here are some simple ideas and considerations to help you create the right study environment for your child to focus and learn.

Study environments with kids loft bed with desk
Even the smallest room can become a functional space for studying and reading. Raise the bed off the ground (also called “Lofting the bed”) and use the space underneath for desks and storage. There are lots of options depending on how your child's heights and needs:
- Twin, full, XL and Queen bed sizes
- Low, High or Ultra High heights
- 3 Headboard styles (panel, slatted and curved)
- 3 Finishes (white, natural and chestnut)

Low Loft Bed with Desk

Consider a low loft for younger children. Ideal for kids 6 – 10, the low loft bed is 50.75 inches tall and creates 32.75 inches of space underneath the bed.

Low Loft Bed with Desk
Maxtrix offers desks that slide exactly underneath the low loft so they can be pulled out when it’s homework time, and tucked underneath the bed when studying is done. A great “side effect” of this solution is that desktop clutter is automatically eliminated!

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Any of the desks come with castors so they can easily slide in and out. They can be used as freestanding desks too, if you decide to re-configure the room as your child grows.

Here is an example using our “Great” staircase low loft, which can be equipped with storage units like bookshelves and dressers or combined with a desk and chair to create a cute study environment.

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High Loft with Desk

A high loft with desk is a popular choice for older children, as they provide plenty of headroom and space to add desks or shelves underneath. Maxtrix high lofts are 71 inches tall, and provide 53 inches of headroom.

High Loft with Desk

Choose from staircase lofts, or the more traditional straight/angled ladder versions. Underneath the loft you can add a full length desk with 1, 2, or 3 drawer storage units if you chose.

High Loft with Long Des
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You can also create a study corner with our corner desk, or combine two corner desks to create a U shaped desk right underneath your high loft bed.

Study Corner Loft with Desk
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Ultra High Loft Bed with Desk

An Ultra high loft creates is 76.5” tall and creates 58” of headroom – so even the tallest teen can comfortably fit! All desk solutions that can be created for the high Loft, work for the Ultra high loft too.

Add a Desk to your Loft Bed

Pick a desk that works with the room setup and has the functionality you are looking for in your boy's or girl's room. We get questions about desks all the time from customers, and here are some of their top requests:

- Which desks are best if you need lots of storage? Consider some of our options with drawers or hutches for extra space to put books and papers.

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- Which desks offer space saving solutions? You may want a kids loft bed with a roll-away desk.

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- How can I make the perfect use of the little remaining space I have in my kid’s room? We have designed many desk options that fit exactly under or against one of our Maxtrix beds.

Corner Loft with Desk Under

Desk Options for Study Lofts

Here are some of those desk options with some features and ideas!

1- The Maxtrix study desk has been designed to fit exactly against a twin headboard, which creates a very versatile solution:
- Place it right against the footboard of a standard twin bed.
- Combine it with a bookcase or dresser to use the full length underneath a low loft.
- Slide it under the low loft and create a great pull out desk solution.
- Place it underneath a high loft for a space efficient study spot.

Kids Study Desk
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2- The Maxtrix® long desk with tilt top has been designed to run the full length of a Maxtrix® bed – so it fits exactly underneath a low loft. The adjustable tilt-top creates an angled writing surface which is more comfortable for handwriting and drawing. The pencil groove at the front of the desk makes sure pens don’t roll off when the surface is elevated. The mechanism to elevate the surface is easily operated – just pull up (one handed) and release and it will stay in place. To bring it back down, just repeat and lower all the way.

Kids Long Study Desk
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3- The Maxtrix student desk comes with a 2 drawer unit (you can decide whether to attach it left or right facing). Solid wood construction makes this a beautiful, great quality desk. Slide it underneath any of our low loft beds or slide out later on as a great free-standing piece.

4- Maxtrix high lofts come with additional support beams, which make them even more stable and sturdy. Specially designed to fit underneath the high Loft, the corner desk and the full length desk can be directly attached to these beams to create a large study surface with plenty of legroom underneath.

Corner Desk Under Loft Kids Room

Versatile Desk Chairs A great chair is important for comfort and to move easily around between grabbing your books and papers from the shelf and settling in at the desk to study. Kids love chairs on rollers, and we completely agree! We love the pop of color chairs can add to a room, and of course the quality, feel and look of wood.

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Our newer collection includes versatile chairs available in many different color combinations. Have fun creating the perfect look for your child's room!

And, there you have it! A perfect study bed for your girl or boy! Need help designing the right configuration for your space and needs? Consult our complimentary design team standing by!