Quality & Safety

Rock Lock™

The Rock Lock™ Leg Bolt is a patented solid steel mechanism that enables the application of continuous pressure between the leg extensions and the Core Bed legs. It is a Patented mechanism and uniquely developed to lock all Maxtrix® beds into a Rock Solid state.

Ladders & Weight Capacity

Maxtrix® Ladders are are built to hold the weight of both kids and parents. Ladders also feature safety grooves to help prevent slippage and handrails for additional climbing safety. All ladders are tested and conform to current safety regulations. All Maxtrix® beds are built to withstand more than 800 lb of weight, more than 2x US Safety Regulations.

Solid Construction

Maxtrix® Dressers feature solid hardwood frame construction. Solid wood drawer faces and high quality English Dovetail construction. Our Drawers are re-enforced with cross beams helping them to withstand 100 lb in weight.


Knot-free, premium grade, solid hardwood construction! Maxtrix® products are constructed from sustainably harvested Maple, Birch and Aspen.

Weight Capacity

All Maxtrix® beds are built to withstand more than 800 lb of weight pressure. US Safety Regulations require bunk and loft beds to withstand a 400 lb dead weight test, so you’ll sleep easy knowing we’re tested at 2x the standard!

Guardrails & Mattresses

16” high guardrails on all Maxtrix® Bunks & Lofts - the highest in the industry! When paired with one of our low profile 5” MaxMattresses, you’ll have 11” of safety guard height (more than double the regulation requirement).

Safety Standards

Maxtrix® Safety Standards

Safety is our number 1 concern, so we beat US and EU safety standards!

  • Withstands 800 lb
  • Maxtrix® features industry-leading 11” safety guard height with a low profile mattress such as MaxMattresses.
  • Maxtrix® is fully compliant. Maxtrix® provides optional wooden plugs to cover drill holes. Should you chose to use them, ensure they are firmly inserted at assembly to avoid choking hazard.
  • Maxtrix® uses acrylic paint for the white finish, nc lacquer (nitro cellulose) for natural and chestnut finishes. Both get tested twice - by our suppliers and again by us - for chemical compliance for US and EU safety standards.
  • Maxtrix® slides are designed extra sturdy and feature a curved landing area, with 3” high sides.
  • Our patented Rock Lock™ system creates a rock solid connection between 2 beds.
  • All dressers come with an anti-tip kit, drawers have passed commercial grade tests (withstanding opening and closing 40,000 times).
  • With every angle ladder, Maxtrix® provides and extra sturdy handrail to safely get in and out of bed. Maxtrix® ladder steps are grooved to avoid slippage.