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Sturdy Bunk Beds for Adults – Popular Models

Sturdy Bunk Beds for Adults – Popular Models and What to Look for

Sturdy Bunk Beds for adults are increasing in popularity. When Bunks were first created, they were designed as a solution to sleep many people in small spaces. So, it’s not a surprise that they quickly became a popular option for kids – they often have the smallest room in the house and share rooms. Recently, Bunk Beds for adults have become very popular for a variety of reasons. Shop Bunk Beds for Adults.

queen bunk beds for adults

The Tiny Home Craze!

Many adults love living in – or vacationing in - tiny homes. These ultra-small footprint houses are a great way to live a more minimalist lifestyle. And with the lack of space comes the need to be creative with adult accommodations. Bunk Beds or loft beds for adults are a great solution for these super small spaces as they preserve precious floor space and accommodate multiple adults in comfort and style.

For small footprint spaces XL Bunk Beds with ladders on end are a popular solution. You can choose from different widths (twin XL, full XL or queen) and add an XL trundle to add even more sleeping space. The XL length is perfect for adults with long legs that are used to longer beds (XL length = length of a queen bed). All Maxtrix Bunks are equipped with a metal underbed support bar that makes these beds extra sturdy and able to withstand 800LB’s per sleeping surface – very important when you sleep adults.

ladder on end of bunk bed

Multi-Generational or Multi-Family Vacation Homes

What’s more fun than sharing a vacation home with family and friends and piling everyone together for a few precious days of fun and sun? When adults suddenly share a room, adult size bunk beds can add a real fun factor and make for a memorable vacation experience, re-kindling memories from sleepovers and vacation experiences when they were kids. This is especially true when creature comforts are not neglected, which is why our Queen Bunk Bed line is perfect for this situation.

triple corner bunk bed with queen sizes for adults

DECATHLON XL NS : Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL, Slat, Natural

Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL

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If space allows, triple or quadruple queen sized bunk beds are possible, positioned in a corner bunk bed configuration, or simply next to each other connected with a staircase or free-standing. 

quadruple bunk beds for vacation homes

Add to that optional magazine racks and drinks trays and sleeping in an adult bunk can feel very luxurious, convenient and most importantly – fun!

trundle bed for adult queen bunk bed

1211-001 : XL Trundle Bed, Natural

XL Trundle Bed

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Over the years Maxtrix has equipped many Hunting lodges and Beach or Lake Homes with a variety of bunk bed solutions. Rental Homes have benefited from the additional sleeping spaces and improved their bookings by opening up for accommodating more people. See how to maximize space in your vacation home.

twin xl over queen bunk bed with storage for adults

First Responder Sleeping Accommodations

Bunk Beds for adults may also be a perfect solutions for creative accommodations during night shifts or overnight stays at work. Be it the firehouse, a hospital or anywhere adults need to find a comfortable place to relax or sleep away from home in confined quarters, consider an adult sized bunk bed.

Our popular twin XL over queen bunk bed is a great option, creating a sofa like area at the bottom which can be equipped with back pillows and bolsters for comfortable lounging, while the top bed can be made for actual sleeping and resting before being called to action. There are many configurations possible depending on space and size of a room.

twin xl over queen bunk bed

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Or, sleep many with quadruple bunk beds for adults.

QUART XL NS : High Corner Bunk Bed - Queen over Queen + Twin XL over Twin XL, Slat, Natural

High Corner Bunk Bed - Queen/Queen + Twin XL/Twin XL

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Outfitting your Guest Room

Have only one guest room and too many guests? Consider an awesome adult bunk bed set-up. Just imagine the wow effect this has on your guests and the fun they would have visiting you. You could place 2 Twin XL bunk beds or Queen size bunk beds opposite each other to create 4 sleeping surfaces where a traditional guest bed would only allow for 1.

twin xl over queen bunk beds

Safe and Sturdy Bunk Beds for Adults 

No matter which situation calls for an adult bunk bed, one thing is clear – this bed must be extra sturdy and made to withstand more weight than an ordinary “kid” bunk bed.

What makes a Bunk Bed good for adults? Larger sizes, obviously, but quality construction should not be overlooked either. The construction of a bunk bed is particularly important when you consider that it will need to support more weight in order to safely accommodate adults.

queen over queen bunk bed

CLUNK XL NS : Queen High Bunk Bed, Slat, Natural

Queen High Bunk Bed

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Maxtrix Bunk Beds are truly engineered for quality & safety. This is what really sets our products apart from all other Bunk Beds on the market, and makes us the ideal choice for sleeping adults.

Built from solid hardwoods, including Birch, Maple & Aspen, which are properly dried and treated before manufacturing, the wood forms the foundation of a super sturdy bed.

Then we add our patented hardware to create rock solid construction that stands the test of time. Our proprietary “Rock Lock” mechanism makes the connection between top & bottom bunk extra solid and “wobble proof”.

safety and sustainability bunk beds

All beds in our “extra-large” collection (which includes sizes Twin XL, Full XL & Queen) come with an extra solid metal underbed support bar AND slat roll consisting of 15 wood slats, adding even more weight bearing capacity.

weight bearing bunks

weight bearing slats under sturdy bunk beds

WONDERFUL XL NS : Twin XL Quadruple Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin XL Quadruple Bunk Bed with Stairs

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Standard Maxtrix Twin & Full beds are tested to withstand 800 lbs of resting weight per bed, but our XL sizes more than double that! Maxtrix XL Bunk Beds are tested to hold 2,000 lbs of resting weight per bed! Whether you’re guests are football players or adult couples, everyone will sleep safely – even on the top bunk!

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Customize Your Adult Bunk Bed

Adult bunk beds may be gaining in popularity, and for good reason, but only Maxtrix offers a truly “adult” solution – both in size, quality & safety! 

Customize yours with many standard options we have for adult bunk beds. Available in many configurations, Maxtrix Bunk beds come in Twin XL over Queen, Full XL over Queen or Queen over Queen with many customizable options like staircases, ladders and under-bed options. Contact our adult bunk bed design team for assistance!

quadruple corner bunk bed with stairs design team

Products in Adult Bunk Beds collection
High Twin XL/Queen Bunk Bed with Stairs

High Twin XL over Queen Bunk Bed with Stairs

High Full XL/Queen Bunk Bed with Stairs

High Full XL/Queen Bunk Bed with Stairs

SUMO XL NS : Medium Twin XL over Full XL Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Medium Twin XL over Full XL Bunk Bed with Stairs

WOPPER XL NS : Twin XL High Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin XL High Bunk Bed with Stairs

DIRECTOR XL NS : Queen Quadruple High Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Queen Quadruple High Bunk Bed with Stairs

QUART XL NS : High Corner Bunk Bed - Queen over Queen + Twin XL over Twin XL, Slat, Natural

High Corner Bunk Bed - Queen/Queen + Twin XL/Twin XL


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