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Top Triple Bunk Beds & Corner Bunk Beds for Kids' Bedrooms

Triple Beds, Triple Bunks, Triple Success!

Maxtrix triple bunk beds for kids are the perfect solution for shared bedrooms and slumber parties. Just think about the fun three kiddos will have sharing a room with a bunk bed that easily accommodates all three. We have so many triple bunk bed solutions, and you can customize a look that works best with your space. We've rounded up our most popular setups below, but you can also check out our entire triple and quad bunk bed collection.

triple corner bunk bed in boys room

Stack Triple Bunk Beds for Shared Rooms 

You can configure Maxtrix solid wood triple bunk beds in several different ways. If you want to have all three bunk beds on the same wall, choose a stacked triple bunk bed. This triple bed design works well in rooms with higher ceilings. Two ladders allow for easy access to this three bed bunk bed. See how one mom, Megan Zietz, styled her sturdy 3 tier bunk bed and read her responses to some of the most recently asked questions about their bed, including bed height and changing bedding.

stacked triple bunk bed

Triple Corner Bunk Beds and L-Shaped Bunk Bed Designs 

If you prefer an L-shaped configuration, you can choose a corner bunk bed. Access to both top beds is easy with two ladders or a ladder and a staircase arrangement. The triple corner bunk bed uses underutilized corner space in the bedroom so even with three beds, you can still maximize floor space. With two beds up high and one down low, you can add a study desk or storage underneath the second elevated bed. Customize the L shaped triple bunk bed design by moving the ladders to the bed ends or change them out for a staircase entry. Corner triple bunk beds – although they look large – open lots of floor space that you can then use for other furniture or activities.
Triple Corner Bunk Bed with Storage

The empty space underneath one of the upper beds can be left open for play space or utilized for a study area or storage with Maxtrix dressers, nightstands, bookcases, and more. All Maxtrix triple bunk beds have a variety of entry options. You can choose a straight ladder, angled ladder or staircase with storage steps. Our most popular option with a staircase is called the Tertiary.

medium height corner bunk bed with stairs

Maxtrix angled ladders have an added safety rail for extra security when climbing. Our ladders have grooved steps to provide extra security for little feet. Maxtrix ladders are designed to hold the weight of both children and adults – you don’t have to worry about climbing up to tuck your child in on our beds. The Trio has two ladders instead of a staircase on one side. This is a good option for smaller rooms that may not have the width for a staircase – see Sterling's room makeover featuring the Trio.

You can choose two twin size bunk beds for the upper beds and a full size bunk bed for the lower bed if you want to have extra room for a guest or snuggling up for a bedtime story. Full size beds on the bottom of the three level bunk beds are also ideal for vacation homes where extra sleeping room is often desired. This setup is called the Triathlon.

twin over full bunk corner with stairs

If you want a more traditional look (and maybe you don't always need that third bed), opt for a bunk bed with trundle bed. The pullout bed easily slides back in when unused.

Maxtrix triple bunks, like all Maxtrix kids’ beds, are made of premium grade hardwoods like maple, birch, and aspen. We use only select grade wood, which means there are no knots in the wood to weaken and crack or break easily. Lower grade woods are known to yellow, crack, or warp over time, shortening the life of the furniture. Maxtrix bunk beds for three are built to stand the test of time and follow your child from their first toddler bed to the triple bunk bed for their college dorm. Learn about Maxtrix quality and safety standards.

loft with desk for college dorm

Design a Custom Triple Bunk Bed

The friendly customer care team at Maxtrix is available to help you choose the best triple bunk bed for kids or adults and get the configuration you want for your child’s room. Start the process with our Build Your Bed questionnaire or use our live chat tool, and we will be happy to tell you more about the Maxtrix line of children’s furniture. Our wooden triple bunk beds are one of many unique beds for kids. See our most popular unique beds, and start shopping our collections.

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Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders


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