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3015-000 : Mattresses 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Twin

5-Inch Premium Twin Memory Foam Mattress


3115-000 : Mattresses 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Twin XL

5-Inch Premium Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress


3055-000 : Mattresses 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Full

5-Inch Premium Full Size Memory Foam Mattress


Get the Perfect Fit with our Mattress Guide

Learn how to choose the best low profile mattress
3155-000 : Mattresses 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Full XL

5-Inch Premium Full XL Memory Foam Mattress


3178-000 : Mattresses 8" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Queen

8-Inch Premium Queen Memory Foam Mattress


3005-000 : Mattresses 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Trundle

5-Inch Premium Memory Foam Trundle Mattress


3215-000 : Mattresses 2 x 5" Premium Memory Foam Mattress Twin

Premium 2 Pack Twin Memory Foam Mattress


Our low-profile mattress options are designed to fit any Maxtrix bed for optimal safety rail height (on the top bunk or loft) and maximum headroom (bottom bunk). If you’re searching for the best memory foam mattress or a top cooling mattress our premium twin mattress, twin xl mattress, full size mattress, full xl mattress and queen memory foam mattress is guaranteed to give a great night's sleep, every night.

Choosing The Perfect Kids Mattress

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What's the best mattress for kids?

The best youth mattress is one that provides proper development support, and a safe night’s rest. By using one of our 5” low profile mattresses, your child will be protected by 11” of guardrail height. Our industry leading 16” guardrails are as safe as they come!

Best twin mattress for bunk bed

Each of our mattresses have been designed with safety in mind. That’s why our 5” twin mattress is ideal for growing kids with all the added benefits of a taller mattress. Maxtrix trundle beds are slightly smaller which require a special trundle mattress. Read 5 Expert Tips for Choosing Best Bunk Bed Mattress.

How do I choose the right bunk bed mattress?

Using a 5” twin, twin xl, or full mattress on both bottom and top bunks allow for more headspace and provide the safest amount of guardrail height with 11” of protection. For bigger beds, our 8” queen memory foam mattress for young adults provides a medium-firm density for optimal comfort. Read our Mattress Guide for more information.