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Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds and Loft Beds: 5 Expert Tips

Best Mattresses for Bunk Beds and Loft Beds: 5 Expert Tips

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds are super popular for kids rooms as they provide so much functionality and fun. Once you've found the perfect elevated bed, then the search for that best bunk bed mattress begins... and it’s not as straightforward as you might think! What kind of mattress for bunk bed is best? What should you consider when shopping for the best low profile mattress for bunk beds or loft beds? Do the same considerations matter like picking an adult mattress? How do you find the right quality, features and comfort? We hear these questions all the time, so here are a few tips to consider for picking bunk mattresses or loft mattresses. Learn more about the 2023 Best Twin Mattress by Maxtrix as rated #1 by kids mattresses for bunk beds and loft beds

Choose the Right Mattress Size for Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

What size mattress is right for bunk beds and loft beds? Start with the bunk bed mattress height. Try a low profile mattress 5” to 8” tall to maximize safety rail height for the top bunk. While regular mattresses for children come in 8",10" or even up to 20” thick, a low profile mattress maintains the comfort and quality of a regular mattress but is designed to be much slimmer. A lot of mattresses use “filler” materials to build up to a desired height. A quality low mattress avoids this filler material and maximizes quality materials in as slim a profile as possible. low profile bunk bed mattressRemember, the thicker your mattress is, the higher up you sleep, which takes away valuable inches from your top bunk’s safety rail. It's very safe for children to sleep up high when the bed and low mattress are configured correctly. We highly recommend good, low profile, 5"-8" quality kids mattresses for your bunk beds or loft beds.low profile mattress for loft bedA quick side-note on guardrails: Front and back safety rails on the top bed or loft ensures your child stays in the bed while sleeping and moving around. Minimum regulations require that safety rails are 5” (13cm) higher than the mattress surface, but we strongly recommend you look for a bed and mattress combination that exceeds this limit. Maxtrix® Bunks and Lofts come with a 16” (41cm) rail height, one of the tallest in the industry. Learn more about Maxtrix quality & safety standards.bunk bed mattress heightNow that you know how thick your mattress should be, make sure you purchase the right length. Bunk beds and loft beds are available in many different sizes. Maxtrix offers Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL and even Queen size bunk beds. We recommend the 5" low profile mattress for all but the Queen, which has an 8" option. shop maxtrix mattresses for kids

Maximize Bottom Bunk Headspace with Low Profile Mattresses

Under-bed height is very important for the bottom bunk – so don’t go too plush there either! The thicker the mattress on the bottom bunk bed, the less headroom you will have. You want to be able to sit up tall on the bottom bunk without bumping your head on the top bunk. While you may not be too concerned about this for your child, remember that reading stories, tucking in the kids at night and kissing good-night is usually a grown up’s job. They certainly appreciate being able to sit up straight even in the lower bunk bed. Again, a low profile mattress is a great choice for bottom bunks for this very reason – depending on what quality you decide on, you don’t have to give up on comfort even on a low profile bunk bed mattress.low profile mattress queen bunkRemember that Maxtrix bunk beds and loft beds are available in low, mid and high heights. To help maximize your headspace between your bunks even more, select the right bed height as this will increase headspace. 

Select Bunk Bed Memory Foam Mattresses for Ultimate Comfort

Great quality foam beats springs for top bunks, especially if you have kids sleeping up high. A bouncy mattress encourages kids to... well... bounce! In contrast, a foam mattress helps your body sink into it and creates a less “springy” surface. If you are thinking about mattresses for bunk beds or Loft beds – i.e. elevated sleeping surfaces – these details matter! We all know that kids will play in and on these beds, so the more we can contribute to a safe environment, the better. So we usually recommend a good quality memory foam or even latex mattress for top bunk mattresses, and we suggest leaving the spring mattress for the bottom bunk.memory foam mattressMaxtrix premium memory foam mattresses are designed specifically as kids mattresses. The perforated cooling gel cradles the body while keeping kids cool and comfortable all night long. As a medium-firm mattress, they are designed with proper spinal alignment in mind, helping to distribute weight evenly. The high density base foam reduces pressure points while providing the ideal balance of comfort and support.  And, finally, for those looking for a safe, eco-friendly option, Maxtrix memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and CertiPUR-US® certified as they are made without the use of formaldehyde, mercury or other harmful chemicals or heavy metals. memory foam safe mattress

Change Sheets with Easy Lifting Mattresses for Top Bunks

Who will make the beds? Yup – it’s likely going to be Mom or Dad. And, have you ever tried to change the sheets on that extra plush mattress in the master bedroom? There is quite a bit of maneuvering involved. Now imagine that suspended on a ladder, 4 feet up in the air – yes, not such a great idea! Get a lightweight mattress that Mom or Dad can easily lift to tuck in sheets or change bedding. We unanimously agree that a low mattress is much easier to manage, plus it's lighter to lift. So, when it comes to making that top bunk, a Maxtrix low profile mattress is the way to go to avoid difficulty and lifting a lot of weight. There's a big win for Mom & Dad! 

And if you seriously dread making that top bunk bed or loft bed – consider getting a bunk bed with stairs or loft bed with stairs – it’s so much easier for adults to climb up and make the bed! mattress bunk with stairs and slide and trundle

Don't Forget Your Trundle Mattresses for Guest Accommodations

Adding a trundle bed under your bunk bed? Be careful about measurements – most trundle bed frames do not fit regular mattresses as they have to fit under the lower bunk – so they have to be shorter. Make sure you are getting a specific trundle-sized mattress that is slightly shorter than a regular length, and not as plush as a regular mattress so it easily tucks under your bottom bunk bed.trundle mattress for bunk bedBottom line? Don't sacrifice comfort, space, convenience or safety by choosing the wrong mattress for your elevated bed. There is clearly a lot to consider when buying the best mattresses for bunk beds or loft beds. If you are still not sure where to start, try this handy mattress buying guide and take a look at Maxtrix mattresses - just reviewed by Sleepline. It will help you select the right one for your needs. Or, contact our customer care team for assistance. maxtrix custom kids beds design team

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