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Best Underbed Options for Kids Beds: Underbed Storage Drawers & Trundles

Best Underbed Options for Kids Beds: Underbed Storage Drawers & Trundles

The space under our kids' beds is often filled with random toys, books, clothes and its fair share of dust bunnies. ;) Parents, let's take back that space and help it serve a purpose by filling it with under bed storage drawers or a trundle for extra sleeping quarters.  kids under bed storage drawers

Pick the Right Kids Bed First - On Ground or Elevated

If you're still in the market for the bed itself, we suggest one of two approaches. Younger children or independent young adults might want a traditional twin, twin XL, full, full XL, or queen solid wood bed that sits on the ground. Guard rail additions prove to be a safe solution for toddlers. Check safety standards for Maxtrix guardrails. toddler beds with guardrailsIf sleeping two, a Maxtrix bunk bed is a great solution for you as two beds are stacked on top of each other. (You can even stack three to make a triple bunk bed.) For the ultimate storage solution, opt for a bunk bed with stairs when you start your search as each staircase step is a pullout storage drawer. Pick your base Maxtrix bed and know that you have plenty of underbed options that fit the length of your bed perfectly. twin bunk bed with storage drawers

Under Bed Storage Drawers & Dressers 

Once you have your bed, easily add to the design with storage drawers right under the bunk or kids bed. These solid wood drawers run on castors and are easy to pull in and out. They are extra deep (a full 41”), and they are finished on both sides. 
underbed storage drawers for bunk beds kids bedsOur newest under bed storage option is a polished piece of furniture - the under bed dresser. With knobs, kids hands easily grip and pull the drawers out.under bed dresser for bunk bed

Under Bed Trundles for Kids Beds

Another option is a full length underbed trundle drawer. This full length drawer comes with inserts that divide the drawer into 3 compartments. It runs on castors and is easy to pull in and out!deep trundle drawer under bunk bedsBest of all, the same drawer frame easily converts into a trundle bed! Just remove the inserts, and add a trundle mattress and your trundle bed is ready for sleepovers. Easily roll it in and out when you need it! Of course, you can also convert it back into a storage drawer - just take out the mattress and put the inserts in trundle bedAll our under bed options fit Twin, Full, Twin XL, Full XL and Queen sizes. In fact, if you are shopping our XL or Queen beds, opt for the XL length trundletrundle bed xl size

Bedside Storage

Finish organizing the space with bedside storage. This is a great option for bunk beds especially since the top bed is elevated (not within reach of a nightstand). Add a magazine rack or tray and let your kiddo keep their favorite books and drinks right beside them! Want access to snacks and waters? Store them up high with bedside storage trays.bedside storage

Shop All Under Bed and Bedside Storage

Inspired now? Just imagine how much more useful that space will now be under your kid's bed! Pick your favorite look and function, and start shopping our solid wood under bed options. Let us know if you need any help or have any product questions by using our online live chat tool.under bed storage for bunk beds

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