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Memory Foam Mattress 3131-000 : Mattresses Full XL Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

From $399.00

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The Best Low Profile Mattress

Get the perfect fit with help from our Mattress Guide
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Spring Mattress 3020-000 : Mattresses Twin Spring Mattress

Spring Mattress

From $349.00

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Latex Mattress 3040-000 : Mattresses Twin Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

From $549.00

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Trundle Mattress 3001-000 : Mattresses MaxFoam Mattress, XL Trundle

Trundle Mattress

From $339.00

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MaxFoam Mattress 3010-000 : Mattresses MaxFoam Mattress, Twin

MaxFoam Mattress

From $349.00

Made in the USA with Organic Cotton and Certipure Certified Foam, our Low Profile Mattress is the perfect fit your Maxtrix® Beds.

Best Low Profile Mattress for Kids

Learn the Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Low Profile Mattress for Your Bunk or Loft

Why Low Profile?

Mattress thickness directly relates to safety guard rail height. Maxtrix safety rails measure 16” tall, so using one of our 5” low profile mattresses, means your child will be guarded by 11” of safety rail height.

What about the bottom bunk?

Use a low profile mattress on the lower bed to maximize underbed space. Each inch of mattress thickness = one less inch of free space between top and bottom bunk, so ensure plenty of headroom with a low mattress on the bottom bunk.

What size mattress for my Maxtrix bed?

Our mattresses are sized to fit their respective size Maxtrix bed. So a standard twin size bed pairs with any of our low profile standard twin mattresses. Maxtrix Trundle Beds are a little shorter, so require our special Trundle Size Mattress.