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Moving Over the Summer? Need New Kids Furniture?

Moving Over the Summer? Need New Kids Furniture?

Moving is so exciting, and getting settled in your new home – while it is a lot of work – is the beginning of a new chapter for everyone in the family. For kids, school, playgrounds and friends in the new neighborhood are important, but getting comfortable inside the new home with new kids furniture is probably the most important part of making a move. This is where most of their time will be spent, so making sure kids love their surroundings and have a great environment to grow before Back to School is critical. At Maxtrix we help families furnish their kids' rooms every day, so we have a few tips that you may want to consider as you get settled in your new home. Along the way, see top design solutions for preschool rooms, elementary kids roomstween and teen bedroom furniture and even college dorm setups
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1. Plan Ahead for Delivery Times 

While it’s fun and exciting to “camp” in your new home for a few nights, you want to make sure that the essentials are organized before moving day. Plan for time to lay out the new space, identify what you may need and estimate between 3–12 weeks for new kids furniture and decor pieces to arrive. Set-up may also take a few days, so make sure you have some time planned in before the room has to be perfectly set up. See Maxtrix shipping and delivery information.
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2. Room Selection is Key

While most kids won’t get the largest room in the house, there are usually some choices to be made as to which room will be best suited for them. Try involving them in the decision. Depending on their age, they may have some interesting perspectives for you to consider. However, even if you chose to ignore their wishes, you can get a good understanding of what really matters to get comfortable in their new surroundings. Little preferences like the ability to sleep close to a sibling, shut their door for privacy, or a view of their parent's room gives a good insight into the fears & motivations that can easily get drowned out in the excitement of the move.preschool toddler shared room in new home


3. Consider Shared Rooms

If you have the option, consider the benefits of a shared room – possibly freeing up a second room for a separate play or study space - before you make a final decision to allocate a room to each child. There are lots of reasons sharing a room may be a great choice for your family. If this is the route for you, consider best selling bunk beds for kids or go even bigger with triple and quad bunk beds or corner bunk beds. Kids love the extra space provided by these bigger beds, available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL and Queen sizes. 
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4. Room Setups that Multitask 

Give kids decision power (within reason) to determine their own surroundings. So if (per point two) you know that they are a little scared of their new surroundings, help them create “safe zones” like forts, and make sure the night lights are plugged in and working. If they are starting in their new school soon, get them set up early with a dedicated space in the home where uninterrupted studying can take place - see our preschool, elementary/middle school, and high school/college guidesqueen loft bed with desk underneath in boys room

Making new friends in the neighborhood? Create a welcoming environment so new friends want to hang out at your home rather than disappear into the new neighborhood. A well-set up room with plenty of space to play, relax and entertain will do the trick. Try any number of loft beds and bunk beds with slides that are sure to keep them entertained indoors for hours on end!
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Custom Kids, Tween & Teen Beds Design Help

Not sure where to start? Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help! We have Designers ready to help you find the right bed for your new kids room, tween room or teen room. We can also help with all kinds of questions around measurements, mattress options, accessories and so much more! Here are some additional articles to also get you started:

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Back to School Bedroom Furniture

Want your new kids furniture before it's time to go Back to School? Don't miss your deadline to purchase! Many schools begin in the middle of August, so make sure you order early to ensure your child's room is setup in time! Early Birders will benefit most with extra days to assemble, arrange the room and make the space unique with accessories. Looking for the best kid's room setups for Back to School? We have an inspiration page already set up for you -  search top beds and desk collections for Preschool, Elementary/Middle or High School/College students. We're here to assist so contact our team if you want help with any Maxtrix products! And, have a great Summer!school furniture for kids tweens teens college