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Top 10 Benefits of a Kids Shared Bedroom

Top 10 Benefits of a Kids Shared Bedroom

We often talk with moms and dads who are considering a shared bedroom option for their children. Many families opt for homes with fewer bedrooms and really like the idea of the kids sharing a room, especially when they are young. But how can your family grow (more children or growing children) efficiently with limited space? The solution is a well organized and designed shared kids room. There are so many layout options that make this fun for the kids and convenient for parents. And, there are also some surprising financial and emotional benefits to kids sharing a room! We've compiled our top 10 benefits and hope it helps with your kids room setups in the future. Along the way, take a look at some of the best bed designs that accommodate two or more in one room.triple bunk bed for shared kids room featured in apartment therapy

Top 10 Benefits of a Shared Kids Room

  1. Bonding. As siblings spend more time together in a shared room, their guaranteed to have more bonding time. How cute is nighttime chatter? They're getting to know each other and their interests while also using their imagination with nighttime storytelling. They are learning to communicate! When the oldest is old enough to read, it's super cute to see the kids snuggled up and reading together. Even older tweens and teens can stay connected and keep the bond growing while also having privacy with individual sides of the room or spacious individual bunk beds.
    tween shared room with twin xl over queen bunk bed and stairs
  2. Sleepovers. Boys and girls love to have friends over for sleepovers. Add a trundle to your setup and you can slide out extra accommodations for friends or family visits in an instant. We don't know about you, but we had tons of cousins growing up, and sleepovers with them were so much fun! So if you already have two kids sharing a room, a trundle is a simple and affordable addition to provide that needed extra space.
    trundle under bunk bed for shared room and guests
  3. Relaxation. We heard many times that kids sleep easier when there is someone else in the room. Anxiety weakens, and there is a greater sense of security. And if too much chatting is interfering with bedtime, try creating more defined personal spaces with curtains or top tents to create some separation. Or divide the room into two with beds on opposite sides. This gives them individual spaces but still near each other. We've shared some popular bed designs for this setup:twin shared boy girl room

  4. Sharing. Have a child that has a difficult time sharing? (Ah-hem; can I get an "Amen!") Sharing a room may just be the best way to limit stress over letting others play with "their" things. Kids inherently learn that everything in the shared room is "ours" and not "mine".
    twin over full bunk bed for girls shared room
  5. Cost. When you invest in a bunk bed, a triple bunk or even a quadruple bunk bed, you're making one bed purchase - not many - but sleeping two, three or four. Take a traditional bunk bed, for instance, you're essentially getting two beds for the price of one. For the twin over full, triple corner bunk below, you can easily sleep three and maximize space.
    twin over full triple corner bunk bed with stairs
  6. Routines. A shared bedroom helps set shared routines! Putting the kids to bed at the same time becomes the norm, which makes it easier to maintain a consistent bedtime routine for all! Before the lights go out, consider reading together or share stories. Creating separate spaces easily enables parents to set different rules as well, let's say if you have an older child sharing with a younger sibling. Add a curtain to the bottom bunk which helps dull out lights and sounds so the younger sibling can easily fall asleep while the older brother or sister on the top bunk finishes the last chapter of their book before turning off the lights.
    boy and girl shared kids room

  7. Personalization. There are so many options available to create your "own" space even in a shared bedroom. With Maxtrix beds, we like to offer accessories to accomplish this with top tents and curtains for added privacy. Bedside drink trays up high or nightstands by the bottom bed help kids store "their belongings". Many parents love setting up a color coordinated set of dressers and bookshelves for each child. Or, opt for a corner loft where both beds are up high. Your children can create and design their own individual spaces underneath their beds, and you have a space efficient way to maximize even the smallest kids room.
    triple corner bunk with stairs
  8. Conversions. The need to adapt furniture to children's growing needs is the reason why we developed the Maxtrix® brand! Easily change the configuration based on functional needs and space limitations. Some families start with two single beds and then choose to bunk them, or make a corner loft with them when their kids get older. This is a very popular choice for twins or kids close in age who are growing at about the same pace developmentally. But as needs change, it's not just the bed that has to convert over time - it's the whole room setup that needs a makeover! Rooms that were designed to work well for 2 toddlers sharing soon enough have to become great places to study. Kids need to learn organization and with an ever increasing collection of clothes and toys, having the right storage available is critical. And what if families do decide to move (remember, the average time spent in the same home is 7 years - so while you may not be planning this now, the time may come...) - how will your children's furniture work for a new space? A fully integrated furniture system like Maxtrix® that provides quality pieces which can be re-used in many different configurations is a great option for a growing and evolving family!
    maxtrix system
  9. Fun. We've mentioned it several times already, but, seriously, how fun are elevated beds like lofts and bunks? Kids love climbing and "bunking" together. It won't be difficult to get them to share a bedroom when there is a fun bed involved. And, for maximum fun, add a slide. ;) Here's a complete bunk bed with slide collection.
    twin over full bunk bed with slide and stairs
  10. Safety. We believe that safety is paramount when it comes to children's furniture, and all of our pieces are designed with this in mind. Our beds feature sturdy hardwood construction with rounded edges and solid metal connections, as well as guardrails on top bunk beds for added security. Plus, our unique design eliminates the need for dangerous bunkie boards or box springssturdy bunk beds

Outfit Your Vacation Home with a Fun Bunk Bed

If sharing a room in your home is not for you - consider how much fun it would be to do it on vacation. Not everyone owns their own vacation home of course, but if you are in the lucky position to have a spot to get away from it all, consider designing the kids quarters as a shared space. After all, your vacation should be the most fun time of all and when family and friends come together, sharing is what it's all about!

quadruple bunk bed Need more reasons to consider a kids shared bedroom? Get inspired with these awesome Rooms We Love. Contact our design team to customize a look for your shared room. There are so many options for sleeping two, three, four or more in one room!