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Early Bird's Guide to Back to School Furniture

Early Bird's Guide to Back to School Furniture
Finally! The long days of summer are here! And, while kids have just gotten out of school, when it comes to buying furniture, you may already want to start planning for back to school. (Ugh... We said it!) Why you ask? If you think any of your children may need extra furniture to set up their rooms for back to school, consider the time it takes to get furniture delivered and set up properly - depending where you purchase this can take a few weeks. "Back to School" will be here before you know it, right? So being an Early Bird and planning properly has its benefits when it comes to starting the school year off right. As you start planning, here are a few simple tips to consider when getting your child set up for back to school! Also consult our break-down guides by ages - preschool, elementary, middle/high or college.

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1. Set the right foundation with the right environment - and rules!- for a restful nights sleep. Your child's bedroom with a comfortable bed and functional arrangement will help set the framework for a successful year. A well rested child is a focused child! Take a peek at our tips for getting your child to sleep here.

And, when it comes to picking the right bed, there are lots of options to chose from. We offer some handy buying guides full of tips you may want to consider as you make the choice for the bed that is right for your needs. Whether you need a toddler bed, decide on the ever popular Bunk Bed, a Low Loft bed, which can be designed to incorporate a desk or storage, a space saving taller Loft where you can make room for a study environment right underneath (popular for smaller rooms), or a traditional bedroom set-up, complete with dressers and a free-standing desk, any Maxtrix bed can be converted over time. So the same bed that is the perfect Toddler solution, can literally "grow up" by adding a series of kits and extensions and be changed over and over again as your child's needs change. Adding the right mattress is also critical, here is a link for some considerations when choosing the right mattress for your school-aged child.

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2. Create a comfortable space to focus and study. Different ages need different solutions. Preschoolers may want a cute, little play table and chair set to further explore their creativity while grade school students need a proper place to study and do homework.

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For some, this means adding study solutions to their bedrooms so they have an independent place to think (away from the distractions of the home and possible siblings). While others may thrive with a student desk in the study, den, shared space or nook near mom or dad for homework questions. ;)

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3. Teach organization at home, so it comes natural at school. When books, clothes, art supplies, and toys are properly stored in an orderly fashion, your child is more likely to think clearly and thrive. When their environment at home is decluttered and mimics their school desk with minimal items, they'll more easily adjust. Consider investing in quality furniture like dressers and toy storage - purchase once and reorganize whenever you want with the Maxtrix System! - that will help them organize.

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4. Stimulate creativity and social skills by creating a fun and inspiring environment. Younger children love to use their imaginations, and they love room setups that easily allow them to escape into a fairytale or superhero adventure. Themed rooms with tents, curtains or slides are great for exploring their interests.

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Or, add a trundle bed for sleepovers with friends! They want to share in the fun, too!

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5. Change his/her space to be age appropriate. What works for elementary schoolers does not necessarily work for a middle schoolers. You can switch up their furniture or add on (we make this easy with our modular Maxtrix system - learn how to get started) to make the room like more "mature". We recommend making space (and rules) for electronics, creating fun spot to hang out with friends, and converting toy storage to a place to keep sports or dance equipment!

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Do you have teenagers getting ready to go off to college for the first time? They definitely want privacy. Give them extra bed height for private, elevated sleeping quarters and a lot of under-bed space for textbooks, projects and studying.

Are you ready to prepare and get Back to School furniture? We've got your preschoolers, elementary students, middle/high students, and college students covered!