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Saleha Abbasi Surprises her Son with a Maxtrix Bed!

Saleha Abbasi Surprises her Son with a Maxtrix Bed!
We were so honored when Saleha Abbasi found our beds on Instagram and decided to work with us on her son's new bedroom design. Saleha - a make-up artist and influencer - is so creative and admired by so many. It didn't surprise us when she chose our Stadium play bed because it, too, is new and fun. Kids love the Stadium because it feels like a real castle in their room. Saleha was kind enough to show us her son's room after the installation and had this to share:

Shayaan & I are completely obsessed with his new bed from @maxtrixkidsfurniture ? We chose to go with the Stadium bed because of how fun it is for now and then for later we can convert it into more of a "Grown up" look by removing the play panels ?? We also loved the slide feature on this! It's so much fun, it doesn't stick out into the room either and doubles as a ladder to climb in and out of bed easily! The quality is super top notch as well since it's made from solid wood, not flimsy at all. It's also available in white or natural finishes and Maxtrix has a girl version which is pink/grey castle panels. I would definitely recommend getting your little one a bed from @maxtrixkidsfurniture ❤

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Why Saleha and her Son Love the Stadium

The Stadium - like all Maxtrix beds - is a part of a convertible bed system. They chose it because it has all the fun today, but they can remove the play panels later on for a more “grown-up” look.

It’s also available in white or natural finishes, and Maxtrix has a girl version with pink/grey castle panels.

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Kids sleep comfortably and safely on this high loft bed almost hidden by the front panels!

Like all of our beds, the Stadium is made from solid wood, and it has a slide, so they have a high quality bed that is also fun! The slide platform doesn’t stick out into the room, and it also doubles as a ladder to climb into bed!

When you're ready, add a desk and chair for a room ready for sleep and study!

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Loft Bed Transformation to a Study Loft

Preparing for school to start again, Saleha and her son decided to reconfigure their Maxtrix high loft with slide into a study loft. They removed the front play panels and moved the desk underneath the bed. Here's a look at their new configuration!

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What's incredible about this quick transformation is that the wood panels underneath the play panels were truly unscathed. With solid wood construction, Maxtrix beds are made to last and stand the test of the time. And while kids are young and enjoy play panels, curtains and top tents today, eventually they want a more sophisticated look. This is where Maxtrix excels. Play lofts one day become study or storage lofts tomorrow with the addition of desks, dressers and bookcases underneath the high bed. Alternatively, you can lower the high loft to a normal twin bed by removing the leg extenders (hint: an idea for converting the bed into a guest bed when the kids leave the home!) But, for now, Saleha and her son are enjoying this slide loft with desk - the perfect play/study/sleep solution! Shayaan looks ready for Back to School!


Want to see more of the Stadium or Filiocus without the panels? Head on over to see all options and shop the bed that Saleha and her son love directly!

*Saleha received the bed as a Maxtrix brand ambassador. All opinions expressed are her own.