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Loft Beds for Kids: Maxtrix Buying Guide

Loft Beds for Kids: Maxtrix Buying Guide
Did you have a loft bed as a child? I remember heading off to a friend's home and loving sleepovers as he had the cool, "high" bed. We pretended it was as a fort, indoor treehouse, pirate ship and hideaway spot from his younger sister... :)

Those times really inspired me to include a wide range of loft bed designs when we created Maxtrix Kids Furniture. So, if you are considering a loft bed for your child's room, here are some basic things to know, first:

kids loft bed buying guide
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Loft Bed Shopping Notes - Heights & Customization Options

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  • Medium Lofts can also have a curtain as we offer an extension panel to make sure curtains are long enough. However, these lofts are often combined with storage like dressers and desks for the older child. Shop Mid Lofts
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  • High Lofts are usually bought for older kids - tweens, teens and even college students (think dorms!) – often to put a desk underneath to optimize space. Shop High Loft Beds

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Why Should You Purchase a Loft Bed?

Great Space Savers

With plenty of room underneath the loft bed, your child can use the additional floor space for storing toys, adding a desk, nook reading or playing with friends and family! Shop Loft Beds with Desks

The Fun Factor

Not only can you add a cool slide, castle panels or or curtains to your kid's bed, but they'll love the excitement that comes along with sleeping up high!

Shop Playhouse Lofts

Shop Play Panels & Slide Platform Loft

Retreat Spot

As your child gets older and becomes a tween or teenager, they'll be able to create their own space underneath the bed. Let them "get away" from it all with an area they helped to design with items they chose.



Always always, bed safety is key – especially for loft beds. Just as with our bed system, make sure their are guardrails and that the children understand ladder safety. You need a rock solid connection. See what makes our system so unique in that regard: 

Mix & Match

You can interchange your loft with other favorite items, such as a great couch, a funky chair, comfy poufs and modern benches to give your room a unique and edgy style of its own.


Different Bed Sizes

Now there are bed options to make your bed not only taller but also wider and longer. In addition to standard Twin and Full size Loft Beds, Maxtrix now offers Twin XL, Full XL, and even Queen Loft Beds. This means we have options for any stage in your child's development from elementary age to college. Shop XL & Queen Lofts

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Non-Bunk Solution

Although we love bunk beds, there are other options for sleeping two. Consider a corner loft bed with two beds up high!

You can also simply put a bed underneath a corner loft creating a Corner Bunk Bed for extra sleeping spots!

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Your possibilities are endless with loft beds. Discover how much fun it can be configuring your kid's room with a loft bed:

Shopping Consultants

Need help shopping Maxtrix Loft Beds for kids? Contact our friendly customer service team by email or use the live chat tool located on our website. You will love shopping the endless options with Maxtrix Kids Furniture!