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Room Reveal! Corner Bunk Beds add Space to Shared Boys Room

Room Reveal! Corner Bunk Beds add Space to Shared Boys Room

A house of boys is so much fun; especially when they share a room full of laughter, pillow fights and tons of play sessions. Blogger Adrianne Betz with Little Adi + Co. loves the excitement and enjoys creating spaces for her two young boys to share. She has always liked bunk beds for their space-saving appeal and fun-factor, but she knew she needed a transitional space that would function a bit better for them now and as they go on to pre-teen. 

Meet her sons, Hudson and Aden. They were ready to upgrade their room from Toddler to "Big Boy". Adrianne was concerned about their tight space and possible design limitations due to its size, but we were excited to help them select corner loft bunk beds that sat lower to the ground and checked all the boxes - age appropriateness, safety, extra guest accommodations and space saving appeal. Adrianne and her boys were excited about the room transformation as well and shared the end result! Shop their room collection now.

Twin Medium Corner Loft Bunk Bed Bunk Beds Natural Slat

Twin Medium Corner Loft Bunk Bed

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Original Toddler Boys Room

As active four and five year olds, Hudson and Aden enjoyed their first shared bedroom. Adrianne's original toddler room design served them well with toy storage, comfy decor and plenty of play space. 

After having our 3rd son, space started to become an issue for us, especially in the bedrooms. Maxtrix really appealed to me because all of their beds were great at utilizing space. My older boys were beginning to outgrow their current setup in their toddler room and I was on the hunt for something that would not only give them something they could grow into, but provide more storage for our growing family.

Maxtrix Design & Installation with Adrianne

Kids "outgrow" rooms very easily, so Adrianne started her design process by shopping for the largest piece of furniture first - bigger bunk beds. 

Low Corner Bunk Beds for Kids

Maxtrix beds really impressed me with their sleek and modern design and overall quality. Their beds are ones our kids can grow up with well beyond their teenage years. That alone is worth the investment to me, but as a mom to 3 little ones, safety is also a key factor and something Maxtrix goes above and beyond with. The exclusive patented rock lock leg bolt safety mechanism - in addition to the solid hardwood construction built to withstand more than 800 lb of weight pressure (twice the regulation requirement) - gives us peace of mind.

The first thing that struck me with the triple corner bunk was the design and overall aesthetic. I loved that it was different from your typical bunk bed setup and having 3 boys, it only made sense to add that third bed. I also liked the idea of having an additional bed to offer to out of town guests or for friends during sleepovers as the boys get older.

In the meantime, my plan is to use it as a flex lounge space or "sofa" for the boys to hang-out in. What kid doesn't want a sofa bed in their room just to kick back in? I knew it was something I always dreamed of growing up, and I was excited to be able to have that option to give to my kids.

The Maxtrix team was fantastic to work with - from our very first contact to the design process. They made it a comfortable and easy experience from start to finish. The hardest thing I had to do was measure the boys' bedroom and the customer care team took over from there. They provided a rendering of the space with the furniture placed, helped us with ordering, and even followed up once the furniture was ready to schedule the arrival date.

The bed arrived a few weeks after we ordered it. Install took just a few hours and everything was exactly as we had expected from going through the design process. The bed fit perfectly in the space since the design team was able to give exact measurements and provide a rendering prior to delivery to show us how the bed would look in the room. We intentionally blocked the door to the second-floor balcony as it was unused. Overall, it was super easy. 

The room is beyond amazing! It's way better than we could have anticipated. The boys have wanted to be in it non-stop and the storage has just been phenomenal. Personally, I can't stop staring at it because the furniture has really made the room come to life.


Initially I had some minor anxiety that we'd lose space with such a large bed, but it has actually done the opposite. It's provided SO much space and function to the room. I can't speak highly enough about the changes.

I think the best part about the Maxtrix system is the fact that the options are endless and you can reconfigure anytime you see fit. Our lives are ever changing, and I love that we can make minor adjustments to change the beds into whatever we need, whether that's breaking the bunk down into single twin beds or adding a piece to the headboard to give a teenager a queen size bed. We'll never lose the quality of the Maxtrix Furniture simply because we'll never have to.

For a custom made product, I felt the 2 week turn around time was perfect. It gave us time to clear out the space and prepare for the big day. Once installed, the beds exceeded my expectations both in quality and layout. Overall, Maxtrix has definitely been one of my best furniture buying experiences.

Low Loft Corner Bunk Bed

The Big Reveal

Hudson and Aden love their new room so much. Take a look at their reaction after they saw their first room for the first time:

Benefits of the Trifid Corner Bunk Bed for Kids

Adrianne chose the Trifid bunk for her boys' room, which fit the space really well. Her Trifid features two straight ladders (optional angled ladders available) to maximize walking square footage. Adrianne also chose slat bed ends for a modern look. Another option includes solid panel bed ends.

As a mid corner bunk bed, the Trifid maximized head space on the top, elevated beds. This gives Adrianne some breathing room while the kids are playing on the top bunks. It also means the boys aren't climbing as many steps to get to their beds.

As younger boys, there is still plenty of headroom under the top bunks for hanging out. 

Two beds form an "L" shape in the corner, which the boys love as their heads are close to each other. 

Add bedside trays or magazines racks for easy access to kids' favorite books, snacks and drinks.

Magazine Rack for Bunk Bed

When Adrianne and her boys are ready, the Trifid grows with them using leg extenders. This mid corner bunk bed for kids converts to a high easily, like the Trio:

Storage for Boys Room

Even though the boys are older, they still have a lot of toys! Adrianne chose to stack two Maxtrix toy storage options together to form a cube. The boys enjoy easily cleaning up the space with the toy bins and open cubbies. 

Optional under-bed storage drawers also help minimize clutter and provide a place to store not only toys, but also extra bedding like pillows and blankets.

Shop this Corner Bunk Bed Room

Love Adrianne's furniture selections? Shop this look easily - from the Trifid mid triple corner bunk bed to the under-bed drawers and toy storage. 

Under Bed Storage Drawers for Bunk Beds

Need Design Assistance?

If you'd like assistance from our design team with room measurements and bed selection, please use our online live chat tool or email us! We're happy to help you find the perfect look for your space!

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