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Boys Twin Bed Converts to Low Loft with Storage then Bunk Beds

Boys Twin Bed Converts to Low Loft with Storage

When Preston outgrew his nursery, mom, Shila, chose a Maxtrix sturdy toddler bed that she knew could grow with her son. A year later, Preston was ready for an even bigger bed! And as an older preschooler who had accumulated more things, Preston equally needed more storage. Shila decided to lift Preston's twin toddler bed off the ground and add under-bed dressers. The result was our best kids low loft bed with storage - the Box! Now, Shila easily keeps his room organized while Preston enjoys climbing up to his new reconfigured bed design. Shop Preston's Room Collection.

white low loft bed with dresser storage

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Take a look back at Preston's original toddler room. As twin bed, Shila's main goal was to invest in more than just a kids bed. She researched and knew she wanted a furniture system that could change over time like building blocks. Preston thoroughly enjoyed his twin toddler bed and felt safe and secure with the guardrail. 

white twin toddler bed room

twin white toddler bed with guardrail

1160 NS : Kids Beds Twin Traditional Bed, Slat, Natural

Twin Traditional Bed

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shila room transformation

Hear why Shila decided to transition Preston's bed to a low loft and how she plans to continue to reconfigure this same Maxtrix twin bed next year!

shila boy room reveal white low loft

Kids Toddler Bed Changes to Low Loft with Storage 

After months of research, we decided to go with a Maxtrix bed last year because I saw how easy it was to modify them. My husband is not a handyman, but he put the bed together without any problem and was very grateful that the instructions were very clear. And above all, the craftsmanship and the quality of the products are amazing. Not to mention, they also look great.  

white low loft bed with storage dressers

We assembled most of the new bed components with the exception of the dressers that came pre-assembled, which saved us a lot of time. The quality is impeccable, and we absolutely love the design and how easily we can modify the bed parts to be positioned in different sides of the room.

climb low loft safe sturdy bed

Parent Tip: I highly recommend that you decide which part of the room you are planning to put the bed in before assembly so you install the ladder on the correct side of the bed. We chose the left side for spacial reasons.

low loft bed with storage boys room

As for the staff, I am so pleased with all the help I have received throughout this entire process. If you are shopping for a kids bed, Maxtrix has a design team ready to help you select the right look for your space.

dressers under low loft bed

This low loft bed is the perfect model for what we need right now until we modify the bed to a bunk bed later on. Yes, we plan to keep reusing this bed!

boys room low loft
I love the dressers that easily move in and out from under the bed. I am very organized - especially when it comes to my kid's clothing and toys - all of the storage that came with this model was exactly what we needed for them.

white dresser under low loft bed boys room

UPDATE: Low Loft Now Converted to Bunk Beds with Stairs

One year later, Preston was ready for another room change... and little brother was ready to move in! See how they changed their low loft into a bunk bed with stairs AND added their original trundle bed from the toddler room design back underneath the bunk bed. 

bunk bed with stairs

STELLAR NS : Staircase Bunk Beds Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs

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Preston has thoroughly enjoyed both of his Maxtrix beds, but we knew, ultimately, our two boys would share a room. After showing them all the options my older son chose to convert his low loft into the bunk bed with stairs. It was so much fun having him involved in choosing the big boy bed to share with his younger brother.   

boys shared bunk bedI, too, personally preferred the stairs because of the extra storage provided and the steps looked safe for my 2.5-year-old to go up and down easily.

low bunk bed with stairs for younger kids

1206-001 : Furniture Trundle with Slats, Natural

Trundle with Slats

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After two conversions, surprisingly all of the bed components have held up very well. I have two boys, and we all know how they can be with all things white. I was very nervous, essentially, but as you can see from the photos, we are almost two years in, and everything looks great!

boys low bunk bed with stairs The dresser previously under the low loft bed was moved to the side of the bunk bed and the boys use them as a stand for books, baskets, and night light. So, all pieces of furniture were reused. 

dresser by bunk bed


We definitely plan to reconfigure the bed for a fourth time in the future, but we're not sure which configuration yet. I know that we need a study corner for my older son. Once the boys are ready to have their own rooms, we will revisit our options.
boys bunk bed with storage stairs  
Going with Maxtrix was the best decision we made. We have gone through three reconfigurations, and everything looks brand new and so well made. You cannot go wrong. I love that Maxtrix has so many options to choose from for different types of rooms.
boys on low bunk bed

The Maxtrix System - Kids Beds that Grow

Interested in learning more about how a kids bed can change over time? The Maxtrix System explains it all. Start with a basic bed, and with different bed components, it can be changed into dozens of new designs. It's simply the most economical and environmentally sustainable method to furnish your child's room by reusing bed components. 

maxtrix kids furniture system

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STELLAR NS : Staircase Bunk Beds Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs

1160 NS : Kids Beds Twin Traditional Bed, Slat, Natural

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