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4650-001 : Bookcase High Bookcase, Natural- 37.5"
Finish: Natural

Wide 5 Shelf Bookcase


4640-001 : Bookcase Mid Bookcase, Natural- 37.5"
Finish: Natural

Wide 4 Shelf Bookcase


MX220005-102 : Furniture Modern 5 Drawer Dresser, White/Natural

Modern 5 Drawer Dresser


4653-001 : Bookcase High Bookcase, Natural- 15"
Finish: Natural

Narrow 5 Shelf Bookcase


4635-001 : Bookcase Low Bookcase, Natural - 22.5"
Finish: Natural

Low 3 Shelf Bookcase


2611-001 : Furniture XL Full-Size Length Desk, Natural
Finish: Natural

XL Full-Size Length Desk


4655-001 : Bookcase High Bookcase, Natural- 22.5"
Finish: Natural

High 5 Shelf Bookcase


4680-001 : Bookcase Mid Bookcase, Natural - 52.5"
Finish: Natural

Double Mid 8 Shelf Bookcase


4660-001 : Bookcase Low Bookcase, Natural - 52.5"
Finish: Natural

Double Low 6 Shelf Bookcase


4645-001 : Bookcase Mid Bookcase, Natural- 22.5"
Finish: Natural

Mid 4 Shelf Bookcase


MX220006-102 : Furniture Modern 6 Drawer Dresser, White/Natural

Modern 6 Drawer Dresser


4633-001 : Bookcase Low Bookcase, Natural - 15"
Finish: Natural

Narrow 3 Shelf Bookcase


Solid Wood Kids Furniture

Maximize space and style with Maxtrix dressers, nightstands, bookcases and furniture. Crafted from solid hardwood!


When it comes to kids furniture, Maxtrix has you covered with a variety of sizes and finishes that coordinate with any Maxtrix bed. With so many choices available, you can create the perfect bedroom for your child that they will love.

Safety with Quality Construction

All Maxtrix dressers come with an anti-tip kit, and the drawers have passed commercial grade tests (withstanding opening and closing 40,000 times). Learn more about Maxtrix furniture safety and quality standards.

Configurable Furniture Options

Desk units, bookcases, drawers, and shelves can easily fit underneath a Maxtrix loft bed frame to create a multifunctional space that is both practical and timeless. Learn how to create a perfect storage bed solution.


Made with knot-free, premium grade, solid hardwood construction! Maxtrix products contain sustainably harvested solid Maple, Birch and Aspen. Strong and durable hardwood veneers and engineered wood add enduring style and sturdiness to every modular design.