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Twin Bunk Beds Convert into Two Separate Beds for Twins

Twin Bunk Beds Convert into Two Separate Beds for Twins

We're often asked if our bunk beds can be separated into two separate beds. The answer is a definite yes! See how Mom, Rashana Anderson, took bunk beds with curved bed ends for her twins and made two amazing, individual looks for her daughter and son. Get inspired with her kids room themes as well; amazing job, Rashana! #MyMaxtrix

Original Bunk Bed Room for Twins

We needed a space-saving option for our twins, and bunk beds were the best choice. I started researching right away, and once I saw what Maxtrix had to offer, I was in love! Our product expectations were met all the way. We customized our Maxtrix bunk bed to our design preferences, and the beds have held up EXTREMELY well.

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Separated Twin Bed Rooms

When we moved to our new home, we hired movers, but the beds had to be disassembled - which only took about 20 minutes - then reassembled as individual twin beds in separate rooms without incident.

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I'm very happy with the new, individual rooms. My boy/girl twins are now able to have their own space and express themselves via room decor. I feel it has increased their individuality and confidence.

I would recommend Maxtrix beds wholeheartedly: First, because of the beautiful, customizable design, and, second, because of the sturdiness and safety of the product. You'd never know my Maxtrix beds are now 4 years old! - Rashana from House Anderson

Customize Your Kids Bed

Start with a twin core bed like Rashana and easily change it over time. Whether you decide to "unbunk" your two beds or add one with a third bed making it a corner bunk bed or stacked triple bunk bed, your base bed will serve your needs as your child gets older. Consider under-bed and bedside storage as easy add-ons to keep their rooms tidy, too. ;) Get started with your custom kids bed now!