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Kids Storage Beds: Why they work and what to consider!

Kids Storage Beds: Why they work and what to consider!

Typical scenario - you enter your child's room only to find yourself playing hop scotch over clothes, toys and books. We love letting our kids "be kids" indoors, but at the end of the day, it would be wonderful if they could store everything easily for a quick cleanup. This requires easily assessable kids storage. There are so many options out there, but we like to take the lead on maximizing space by combining kids beds with storage furniture like dressers, bookcases and toy chests. 

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When choosing the right fit for your family, first consider your space. How big is your child's room? A practical solution for small or medium rooms is a twin low loft bed with storage. Three-drawer dressers, book shelves, and student desks all fit under them nicely for a maximum space savings. For larger rooms, these pieces can even pull out as stand alone furniture when your child gets older or if you want to simply change the layout of the room.

GREAT1 WP : Storage & Study Loft Beds Staircase Low Loft Bed with Bookshelf & 2 Dressers, Twin, Panel, White

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs with Storage

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So if the clutter in your child's room has got to go, a Maxtrix kids storage bed could be a great solution! As you shop around, consider these differences between a Maxtrix Storage bed and the many other options out there.

low loft bed with stairs and storage

GREAT NS : Staircase Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs

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Key Features of Maxtrix Storage Lofts

1. Being part of the Maxtrix® system our beds are completely modular. The storage units are designed to fit exactly under the beds but are not attached. So it’s easy to switch them around and re-configure them, or take them out altogether if your needs change.

low loft with desk storage

BOX22 CS : Storage & Study Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder, Storage + Desk, Slat, Chestnut

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder with Storage

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sturdy deep storage drawers for loft bed

2425-001 : Furniture Small 2 Drawer Desk, Natural

Small 2 Drawer Desk

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2. All Maxtrix storage units are designed to be extra deep, so you can get a lot of goodies stored away. Compare the depth of our drawers to others. Our case goods feature:

  • Self closing undermounted drawer glides: so the drawer closes completely even if you don’t push it in all the way. Plus no unsightly drawer rails on the side when you open the drawers.
  • A safety locking mechanism for drawers – great for preventing kids from pulling out drawers and preventing accidents or injuries
  • Each drawer features 2 support beams on the underside: this makes them extremely strong, weight bearing up to 100lb’s per individual drawer
  • Excellent quality construction with solid wood frame, dovetail sides and solid wood front

    3. All our storage units can be outfitted with a crown and base kit to turn them into freestanding units with more ornate details in a few simple steps.

    low loft bed with desk slide

    MARVELOUS NS : Play Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Slide and Straight Ladder on Front, Slat, Natural

    Twin Low Loft Bed with Slide and Ladder

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    4. Our storage beds are part of the Maxtrix® system, so they have all the fabulous quality and safety features Maxtrix® is famous for:

    • Solid hardwood construction, made to last. Hardwood best resists dings and scratches, and looks absolutely beautiful
    • Extra high safety rails (16”)
    • Extra deep, grooved ladder steps
    • Completely Safety tested against all US and Europe stringent safety requirements
    • Angled ladder option comes with a sturdy safety rail for added stability

      loft bed with angled ladder

      HIGHRISE NS : Corner Loft Beds Twin High Corner Loft Bed, Slat, Natural

      Twin High Corner Loft with Straight Ladder and Angled Ladder

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      5. Our Low lofts are ideal for rooms with low ceiling height, younger children and small spaces. But they are one of our most popular sellers because they are extremely functional for any space. Maxtrix beds can be converted to become "taller" as your child grows, so the exact same low loft bed that works perfectly today can become a mid or high loft as your child grows up. That's the beauty of the Maxtrix system. It's completely modular and incredibly versatile.

      low loft with storage dressers

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      6. Best of all, we always come out with new and innovative ideas to optimize storage. Stay tuned for updates! Shop all of our storage lofts and decide what storage options are right for your family!

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