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Top Five Bunk Beds for Beach Homes and Vacation Homes

Top Five Bunk Beds for Beach Homes and Vacation Homes
Ready to get your vacation or beach home ready for the summer? It's that time of year when we all start to anticipate our summer travels with excitement of sunny skies, family and friend time and sleepover fun! For many, it's all about accommodating as many as you can in your beach or vacation home. Adding solid wood bunk beds to guest and kid's room quarters will maximize space and allow for the max party in each space. Take a look at our most popular five bunk beds for vacation and beach homes.

top bunk beds for sleeping many in vacation beach rental homes

Queen Bunk Beds for Adults & Kids

The excitement is real over our newly released Queen and XL bunk bed options. This bed works for so many reasons, but many choose it's frame to accommodate kids and adults alike. The Twin XL at the top provides extra leg length while the Queen bottom bunk is big enough for two people! See the Twin XL over Queen Bunk.

queen bunk beds for beach homes

Need a Queen size bunk on top as well? We have that! Just take a look at how much sleeping space comes with the Queen over Queen bunk bed:

queen bunk beds
queen bunk beds

Triple Corner Bunks for Vacation Homes

Maximize corner space with a bed that fits perfectly into the 90 degree angle. There are so many triple corner bunks that sleep three easily. Two beds sit up high in an "L" shape and the third bed is ground level. Use the space under one of the top corner bunks for storage. We know you'll want it to keep rooms tidy during your summer stay!

While we have a variety of triple corner bunks with different entries (staircase, angled and straight ladders), our Triathlon is currently a top seller with a staircase on one side and angled ladder on the other. This triple corner bunk also has a full size as the bottom bed and two twins up high. Upgrade it to a Twin XL over Queen and you get the Decathlon:

triple corner bunk beds

DECATHLON XL NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL High Corner Loft Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left, Slat, Natural

Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL High Corner Loft Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left

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Stacked Triple Bunk Beds

Tall ceilings? Ready to stack three beds together and keep your floor space? How about a stacked triple bunk bed? The Holy is our most popular design because with two straight ladders, you are truly maximizing space. Our sturdy bunks are made of solid wood and withstand up to 800 pounds, so you know your family and friends will sleep comfortably and safely with this triple bed.

stacked triple bunk bed

Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

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Quadruple Corner Bunk Beds

Sleeping four to a room is no problem with our quadruple corner bunk beds. This bed affords you the option to keep square footage for walking space and make use of the corner. We outfitted a vacation spot near us in Myrtle Beach, SC, with a Quad showing you just how well the bed works for four.

quad bunk bed for beach home

QUARTILE NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin High Corner Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left, Slat, Natural

Twin High Corner Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs

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quadruple bunk beds

Twin High Corner Bunk with Ladders

Twin High Corner Bunk with Ladders

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Long Quadruple Bunk Beds

Have a long wall you can work with or a larger guest room or loft? If you have the space and desire a very popular look for two bunk beds next to each other, then try our Quadruple Bunk Bed with staircase in the middle. You can get this look as a twin/twin, full/full, twin/full or ask our design team about our new Queen options.

twin quadruple bunk beds

quadruple bunk beds long wall

WONDERFUL XL NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin XL Quadruple Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin XL Quad Bunk with Stairs in Middle

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Add a Bed!

No matter which design you choose as your base bunk bed, you always have the option to sleep even more with a pullout trundle beds. Available in Twin size and Twin XL sizes, this bed can easily pull out when the extra bed is needed, but it also tucks away nicely otherwise. Add a trundle and sleep one more!

Finally, maximize head space in these bunks with a low profile mattress. At only 5", this gives you every bit of space possible for kids and adults to sit up in our bunks. They are also very comfortable!! :)

xl trundle for adult bunk beds

Design Help for your Vacation Home or Beach Home

Ready to design the perfect bed(s) for your beach home or vacation home? We have a dedicated design team that is here to take your room measurements and sleep goals and help select the right bunk bed for your room. Contact our design team to get the process started!

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