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Tall Beds & Long Beds for Kids Rooms

Tall Beds & Long Beds for Kids Rooms
Need extra bed length? High ceilings? Have the space for a bigger bed? While twin and full sized beds are perfect for most homes, sometimes there's extra room for larger sleeping quarters. This is where we step-in with unique beds for kids. You can make any Maxtrix bed longer, wider or taller with our XL, Queen & Tall bed configurations. Here are a few great examples of tall beds, long beds & wide beds for kids. Keep in mind that your options are endless with Maxtrix! Start shopping our full XL & Queen Bed Collection.

tall wide long beds for kids rooms tween rooms teen rooms

Tall Beds for Kids Rooms, Tween Rooms, Teen Rooms

While most homes have 8' interior ceiling heights, there is a growing number of new or custom homes with much higher ceilings. We have four bed heights available - low, mid, high & extra high. If space allows, start your search with our high or tall beds. Your results will include tall loft beds (elevated beds), high bunk beds (two beds stacked) or corner beds (two elevated beds in an "L" shape).

twin xl over queen triple corner bunk

DECATHLON XL NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL, Slat, Natural

Corner Loft Bunk Bed - Twin XL over Queen + Twin XL

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High bed heights are 71" tall and Ultra High beds are 76.5" tall. Here's a handy guide to help you measure your room for a kid's bed to see if you have enough headroom space or consult our new fit & measurement guide. Keep in mind with high loft beds, there is ample space underneath for study or storage. This is ideal for a tall, but maybe narrow bedroom.

full xl loft bed with storage and desk

ENORMOUS XL CS : Staircase Loft Beds Full XL High Loft Bed with Stairs, Slat, Chestnut

Full XL High Loft Bed with Stairs

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twin xl loft bed

JIBJAB1 XL NS : Storage & Study Loft Beds Twin XL High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk, Slat, Natural

Twin XL High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk

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However, if you need that extra bed to sleep two, opt for a tall bunk bed. You can even add a slide platform to your tall bed that doubles as an entry ladder to the top bunk!

Tall Bunk Bed with Slide Platform

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Longer Beds for Kids Rooms

The tall beds above are available in Twin or Full sizes (length of 80"), but there are more options! This is great news for growing children who need space for longer arms and legs. The XL bed length adds 4 more inches, totaling 84" long. You can take any Maxtrix bed that you see and make it longer with our XL options.

twin xl full xl queen bunk bed dimensions
Our XL Beds are very popular with tweens and teens who may have room space for a longer bed, but not wider. Double it up with two beds as a stacked bunk bed in XL size.

XL Bunk Beds for Kids

BUFF XL NS : Classic Bunk Beds Full XL High Bunk Bed, Slat, Natural

Full XL High Bunk Bed

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Queen Beds for Kids Rooms, Tween Rooms, Teen Rooms

What about the kid's room that doubles as guest quarters when adults visit? Or, the older teenager or college student who wants a more adult-like room or dorm? Queen sized beds are much more accommodating, and you can now get Twin over Queen Bunk Beds, Queen Bunk Beds, Queen Bunk Bed with Desk, Queen Loft Beds or Queen Loft Bed with Storage in so many different combinations. 

full xl loft bed

HEFTY XL NS : Standard Loft Beds Queen High Loft Bed, Slat, Natural

Queen High Loft Bed

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Or, stack it as a Twin over Queen Bunk Bed - this is a look that has everyone talking!

twin xl over queen bunk bed

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Get Your Long, Wide or Tall Bed

When it's time to look for your bed, we simply want you to have an easy shopping experience. Our team of design experts is available to make sure the bed you are looking at will fit your space. We can also help you create the perfect configuration with under-bed storage, study and matching furniture. Start the process and build your unique Maxtrix bed

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