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Mama of Three Loves Bunk Beds with Stairs for Growing Boys

Mama of Three Loves Bunk Beds with Stairs for Growing Boys

As families grow in number, they need more space. Multiple kids means finding creative ways to sleep everyone comfortably; especially if they are sharing rooms, which is typically the case. Start with the most important piece of furniture - the bed! Nothing compares to the spaces-saving accommodations provided by bunk beds. Tanya from Chasing Little Cubs couldn't agree more, which is why she started her small shared boys room setup with a bunk bed with stairs. Meet Tanya and her two sons - Maximus & Levi. SHOP THIS ROOM COLLECTION.

Tanya is a Mama of three - soon to be four - kids. She originally found Maxtrix while searching on Instagram for beautiful and unique bunk bed designs. The timeless look of Maxtrix solid wood bunk beds fit her room aesthetic desires while the functionality of sleeping two in a bunked fashion freed up needed floor space for her two oldest, growing boys. 

tanya mama of three cubs room reveal twin bunk beds with stairs boys room
With the ultimate goal to fit her third boy in the same room also, Tanya looked for a spacious design that would fit all of them. Not to mention, the boys have an older sister who also enjoys playtime. And, since she has many following her design eye on Instagram, it was also important that the end result look stylish and on point. 
safe guardrails twin bunk beds with stairs

Boys Original Shared Toddler Room

The boys' shared room originally began with two smaller beds on opposite sides of the room.
before image boys shared toddler room before bunk beds
Maximus and Levi were outgrowing their toddler beds; they were ready for their first "big boy" twin size bunk beds. Take a look at their room before their new bed:
small toddler beds

Tanya's MyMaxtrix Story

Moms love to hear from other moms! Here's Tanya's own story about why she chose the Stellar twin bunk beds with stairs - a Maxtrix best seller - and what the the whole family thinks about the new boys room.

tanya mama of 3 cubs

I did a bunch of research on bunk beds, and Maxtrix bed designs stood out the most for me. I absolutely loved that Maxtrix created triple beds and bunk beds - such unique styles for any home. In addition to that, I looked for brands who made stairs that doubled as deep storage drawers, and I only found Maxtrix doing that. These are big advantages, which prompted me to move forward with Maxtrix. 

unique kids beds

I really appreciated working with their friendly and professional staff who always answered my questions in a timely fashion. The delivery timeframe was good, too; especially during this time while most of the nation is quarantined due to COVID-19.

My husband and I planned ahead to assemble the bunk beds. It was a two-person job, although my husband did most of the work since I'm expecting. I was able to hand and hold stuff when needed. The included instructions were great, so we didn't have any issues assembling the bed.

top safety guardrails for twin bunk beds with stairs

Once assembled, moving the bunk bed with stairs around took a little extra effort since the Stellar is a solid wood bed. We'll take that extra effort for top quality, though!

bunk beds with stairs toddler room

Speaking of, the quality of these bunk beds is even better than I expected. It's easy to see pictures online and read about quality, but to see and feel how solid the wood is in-person is very reassuring. The guardrails on the top and bottom bunks helps check off our safety concerns while the boys are younger.

guardrails for safe bunk beds

quality bunk beds

My boys are two and four years old, which is why we took extra precautions when choosing our bed design. The stairs are a much safer way for my oldest son to climb to the top bunk. Plus, after all, I am the one changing the bedding and the stairs give me a good foundation to stand on... which helps so much. :)

safe steps for climbing bunk beds

I also love how the design is smooth while also providing extra storage. They can easily access these dresser drawers where we can keep anything from toys, books to their favorite pajamas.

storage drawer steps bunk beds

We do not currently plan to change the bed design - but it is super nice to know that we can easily reconfigure our Maxtrix bed - unless the boys want a different look as they get older. They may even want to separate the beds, but I'm sure that won't be in the next 10-15 years as they love sharing. If you are looking at Maxtrix, don't hesitate. Go for it! The style and quality is so worth the investment. 

boys bunk beds shared room

Watch the Stellar Come to Life Twin Bunk Bed with Stairs 

Tanya and her husband easily assembled their twin bunk beds with stairs from home. Watch their boys' room change from a toddler room to a fun shared room with bunk beds! 

Shop this Bunk Bed with Newly Added Trundle Bed

Love the Stellar as much as Tanya? Go for it! It's one of our best sellers because of its functionality, safety features and extra storage space. If you want even more storage, look at under-bed options like dresser units, storage drawers and trundle drawers. Add bedside storage to either guardrail for easy access to drinks and favorite books. 

In fact, Tanya recently added a twin size trundle bed to her bunk beds with stairs. Now the boys have an extra bed for sleepovers or for their younger brother to eventually sleep on. 

stellar twin bunk beds with stairs and guardrails toddler room

Trundle Bed Kids Beds White

Trundle Bed

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trundle for twin bunk beds with stairs Maxtrix trundle beds easily pull out when needed, and even little hands can slide them back in. Trundles = tons of extra story time room and snuggles. 

trundle bed for bunk bed with stairs

We love the room update with the trundle bed, Tanya! It looks like the kids do, too.  :)

twin bunk bed trundle bed

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