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Girls Slide Bed in a Pretty Room: Updated MyMaxtrix Story

Girls Slide Bed in a Pretty Room: Updated MyMaxtrix Story

Remember Evelyn? We shared her cute toddler bedroom recently. Well, Evelyn is getting older, and it's a good thing her toddler bed can grow up with her. Now her toddler room changed to a big girl's room, featuring a really playful girls slide bed!

young girls loft bed with slide
Evelyn's room transformation started with a basic toddler bed with top tent.

girls twin daybed with top tent in pink

Twin Toddler Bed with Top Tent

Twin Toddler Bed with Top Tent

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And, here's her new girls slide bed!! This twin size low loft is roomy and perfect for her.

girls loft bed with slide and pink and grey curtains

DEN27 NS : Play Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder, Curtain + Slide, Slat, Natural

Twin Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder, Slide and Underbed Curtain

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Toddler to Slide Bed with a Modular System

So, how did this toddler bed reconfigure so easily? Since she no longer needed a toddler bed with top tent, Evelyn's parents decided to give it to her younger twin siblings - see their toddler shared room
toddler shared room with beds and tents
Once the top tent was taken off, the toddler bed with front and back guard rails then served as the perfect base for an elevated low loft. With simple Maxtrix leg extenders, the bed was lifted off the ground, providing a fun play space underneath. See how the guardrails keep Evelyn safe while sleeping up high.

Coupled with a low profile 5" Maxtrix mattress, Evelyn has even more guard rail safety height. Plus, the mattresses are super comfy!
low profile mattress safe loft bed

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Evelyn climbs safely to her bed with an angled ladder. We've taken extra safety measures, including grooves on very wide steps and a handrail for upper body support.
safe angled ladder on girls low loft bed
Next, is the fun part... because everyone loves slides! :) Evelyn will have so much fun sliding her way out of bed in the morning. Plus, this bed doubles as a great play area during the day for the entire family! See more play loft beds.
girls slide bed with under bed curtains
The space under the bed can serve as an indoor fort or hiding spot, and the added under-bed curtains (available in MANY color combinations) provided a private play space and a pop of color to the room design. The fabric "door" can be tied back for quicker entry.
tie back under bed curtains on girls low loft bed

The Story Doesn't End Here

As far as we can tell, Evelyn loves her new transformed big girl room. She gives it a nice thumbs up.
girls slide bed with curtains thumbs up
Stay connected to see Evelyn's room change again when she's ready for a loft bed with study and storage. This low loft can transform again by removing the slide and fabrics and replacing them with dressers and desks. Or, raise it up to make it a high loft with desk! We can't wait to see which direction Evelyn and her parents take her next room.
high loft bed with desk and storage

JIBJAB1 NS : Storage & Study Loft Beds Twin High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk, Slat, Natural

Twin High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder and Long Desk

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