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Create the Perfect Custom Kids Bed - Classic Styles to Customize

Create the Perfect Custom Kids Bed - Classic Styles to Customize

Searching for the perfect kids’ bed? You might be spending hours looking for the right shape and size. And then, what about quality and safety? As parents, we have our kids' best interest at heart, and purchasing those bedroom essentials is a priority for sleeping comfortably and functioning (storing, studying, playing). That's why our beds are 100% customizable. Creating a custom bunk bed, loft bed, or kids’ bed is simple with the help of the Maxtrix Kids design team.

Start with Top Customized Kids Bed Designs

For ideas, take a look at our most popular bed designs. Get inspiration from previously customized looks as we list our most popular bed configurations – you might find that one of our listed designs already fits your needs perfectly. Our Fan Favorites Collection gathers top selling customized bunk beds, loft beds and base beds from twin all the way to queen sizes, sleeping one or many.

top adjustable kids beds

Customize Your Bunk or Loft Bed with Maxtrix Kids

If you don't see the perfect configuration already created for your boys’ or girls’ room, then we recommend building a custom kids’ bed. The Maxtrix System is like building blocks but for furniture. Select a classic design for kids like twin or full beds, bunk beds or loft beds. Then, customize and style your selection to create your very own modular bunk bed, loft bed, or kids' bed design.

Here's an example of a unique corner bunk bed that Motivo Home (image by NativeHousePhotography) created with our team for one of her clients. They chose a bunk bed with stairs for extra storage and safe climbing and then added two of our top tents to the top bunks for a fun way to dress up the beds for kids.

custom beds for kids

If you want to build your own unique bed, simply follow the steps above to create a custom look using our easy-to-shop collections and product filters. When making your base bed selection, take into consideration your room dimensions and ceiling heights (read tips on how to measure your kids room for your bed) as well as your child's age and needs (read what size bed is right for my child). Our full fit and measurement guide is also available for quick referencing.

Once you've figured out the right height (low, mid, or high) and size (twin, full, XL, or queen), use our product filters to choose heights, lengths, end styles (slat, curve, or panel), finishes (chestnut, natural, or white) and entrances (straight ladder, angled ladder, or staircase) on the collection page. This will serve as your base kids’ bed like the classic twin bunk bed and loft beds featured below.

classic twin bunk beds

Then, fulfill functional spacial needs with storage (dressers, bookcases, cubes), study (desks and chairs) and play features (curtains, slides, towers, tents). The example below shows a twin daybed for toddlers with and without a top tent. Keep in mind that you can always revert back to the original bed by removing play tents, slides and curtains – so you have a timeless bed design for all ages.

custom toddler bed

Not interested in play tents, curtains, or slides? Our storage and study options include dressers, toy chests, bookcases, desks and chairs, underbed storage drawers, trundle beds, and bedside storage trays/magazine racks. Check off all the functional needs while maximizing space and design. All of our pieces of standalone furniture can serve as components for endless unique configurations. This helpful storage guide will show you which pieces of furniture work well with the bed height you have chosen – low, mid or high – so you select the right components. Also, keep in mind that ladders and stairs can go on either side of the bed (and sometimes in front).

reversible ladders for bunk beds and loft beds

The end result is a custom kids’ bed that can change over time as your child grows and their needs change. No matter where you begin with Maxtrix, your base kids’ bed can change multiple times into different configurations. Turn a basic twin over twin bunk bed into a triple corner bunk bed when the family expands or downsize your convertible bunk bed into separate twin beds. You can continue to change the bed design from a toddler bed frame to a teen bed.

Custom Low Lofts for Kids Easily Reconfigure

Our low loft beds for younger kids perfectly illustrate how our bed system works. Starting with a basic low loft, the space underneath is customizable with various bookcases, toy chests, desks, play curtains and dressers. Mix and match by selecting your components. Now you're investing in the best adjustable bed that also changes over time. Just mix it up as needs change and your child grows. Make it taller, longer, add a second bed, move the furniture out as standalone pieces... you get the idea.

customized low loft for kids study storagehigh loft bed with stairs and desk

Custom Kids Beds Design Services

We have a dedicated team of designers ready to assist you in this process of creating your own custom kids’ bed. Don't hesitate to use our online live chat tool or fill out our short form to get the design process started. Our team will ensure you are ordering all of the right components and will assist any later conversions down the road. You're in great hands with Maxtrix.

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Twin Toddler Bed

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Twin over Full Medium Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder

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Twin High Loft Bed with Stairs

BOX22 CS : Storage & Study Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder, Storage + Desk, Slat, Chestnut

Twin Low Loft Bed with Straight Ladder with Storage

Twin over Full Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide

Twin over Full Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs and Slide




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