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Create Inspiring Spaces to Learn and Play - School from Home Solutions

Create Inspiring Spaces to Learn and Play - School from Home Solutions

Without notice, your home has been turned into an all-inclusive location for sleep, study and recreation. As we spend more time indoors, get inspired with designs intended to help your kids - toddler to college - learn, play and hangout. Your home is now everything! For an all-inclusive roundup of all of our solutions, visit our School from Home Collection with easy to shop collections based on your child's age - preschool to college - and functions like sleep, study and play. 

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Classroom Learning for Preschool and Grade School

Now that your student is home studying and completing assignments, the most functional piece of furniture you'll likely need to invest in is a desk. Whether your toddler needs a play table for drawing, crafting and coloring or your elementary/middle aged child needs a student desk for workbooks, Chromebooks and at-home school activities, there are desks of all sizes for all needs. 

play table for toddlers

Play Table

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long desk kids

Large Desk with Tilt incl. 4 Legs

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All desks are high quality with solid wood construction and easy to open/close soft close drawers (so little fingers are protected). Student desks, long desks and desk with drawers all come in white, natural or chestnut finishes. 

student desk natural

2 Drawer Student Desk

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long desk

(Image by Motivo Home)

white desk for girls

Desks are made to stand alone or work with other Maxtrix furniture to create configurations that combo pieces together (think Lego blocks). And, just like Legos, the pieces can be 'taken apart' and separated at any time.

student desk

Study Desk incl. 4 Legs

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Combine Sleep with Study - Beds with Desks 

For the most efficient design and to optimize space - particularly for shared rooms (and to keep homeschool out of main living ares that you want to keep tidy), try a bed with desk combination. They are truly functional and space saving. From low beds to mid or tall heights, desks slide ride underneath the bed frame, which maximizes bedroom space.

Here are examples of low lofts with desks, which are perfect for elementary/middle school aged students:

low loft with stairs and desk

kids bed with desk and storage

boys bed with desk and storage

From there, raise the bed higher for more headroom space underneath the loft, which is better for middle/high school or even college. 

loft bed with long desk

Twin High Loft Bed with Straight Ladder + Desk

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loft bed with desk and stairs 

Full XL High Loft Bed with Stairs

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This idea even works for shared bedrooms with beds designed to sleep two or three in a corner bed style. 

triple bed with desk

Twin High Corner Loft Bunk Bed with Ladder + Stairs - R

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triple bunk bed with desk

corner loft with desk

Twin High Corner Loft Bunk Bed

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Hangout Spaces for Teens and College Students

With College students homebound, overwhelming the consensus is the loss of independence that comes from remote dorm/apartment living. Help them recreate their former living quarters with bedroom ideas suitable for teens and college students. Many like the feeling of loft living which allows for ample space underneath for a long study desk or hangout area. 

queen loft bed

Opting for a larger bed like a Twin XL, Full XL or Queen gives even more floor space underneath for them to make it their own. Here are some featured designs for creating dorm-life at home:

high corner loft bed with desk storage

queen loft with desk

queen bed for kids teens college

Queen Traditional Bed

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queen bunk beds

Queen High Bunk Bed

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queen loft bed

Playground Fun with Indoor Play Beds with Slides and Tents

While your older children and teenagers appreciate more sophisticated living quarters, your toddlers and kids likely still need creative spaces for burning energy and having fun. That's the heart of our play bed designs. They allow for safe, indoor activities that really invite kids to be imaginative and explorative with fort beds Princess beds. Beds with tents, curtains and towers engage younger children and bring hours of fun. See all of our fun kids beds

bed with curtain

Twin Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder + Curtain

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toddler bed with top tent

Twin Toddler Bed with Tent

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Older kids in the home? Bedrooms and play rooms instantly become indoor playgrounds when you introduce a slide. And, believe us, kids love beds with slides. They are the most popular bed designs at Maxtrix for a reason.

mid loft bed with slide and top tent

Twin Mid Loft Bed with Slide

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loft bed with slide

Twin Low Loft Bed with Angled Ladder, Curtain + Slide

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Here are some of our favorite Slide Beds for Boys and Girls. See the full collection.

low loft with slide

Twin Low Loft Bed with Slide

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twin over full bunk bed with slide

Medium Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Stairs + Slide

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bunk bed with slide platform

Twin High Bunk Bed with Slide Platform

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low loft with slide and curtain

twin bunk bed with slide

Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Slide

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low loft with slide

play castle bed

Twin Low Loft Bed with Curtain, Top Tent, Tower + Slide - Closeout!

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twin over full bunk bed with slide

Twin over Full Medium Bunk Bed + Slide

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Need or want to do both? Combine study and play solutions into one bed design as it's possible with our configurable beds.

low loft with desk and slide

Create a Unique Bedroom Setup for EVERYTHING

We all know your home is required to be everything now. Classroom. Work. Playground. All in one. If you need help designing a unique bed that sleeps one, two, three or more, or if you want a bed that has it all, there is something for everyone. Our bed designs are endless. Contact our Design Team to get started. 

maxtrix kids unique bedsImage by Motive Home