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Beautiful Girl's Bedroom with White Corner Loft

Beautiful Girl's Bedroom with White Corner Loft

This freshly designed room is quickly becoming one of our favorite designs for a girl's bedroom. There are so many features that make it pretty, practical and charming. Right away, the white corner loft steals your attention. Its clean lines don't overwhelm the space with 'too much bed'.


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The subtle touches of pink decor really make the space pop. We really love the easy pink and white stripes made by Walls Need Love, and the pink Maxtrix mattress cover.
Mattress Cover Pink
The straight ladder is sleek, and placing it near the front of the room allows for an easy entrance to the space under the bed with no protruding ladders.

And, they are easy to climb!

Adding an angled ladder to the far side of the room will help accommodate homes with younger children. Safety is always important with high loft beds!

(Psst... we also have staircase corner lofts as seen in this chestnut "Rooftop")

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But, back to the High Rise. ;) There are so many options for the space underneath these high beds! Desks are a must with school aged children.


And, let's face it... since two are sleeping in this room, you will likely want two desks! So, add another on the other side. There are so many desk options that work with the HighRise. See another configuration with the new corner desk in this stylish setup for older kids/tweens/teens.

high corner loft bed with study desk teen

There's still space for more storage! The tall dresser is so practical but doesn't take up too much play room. And, we love the crystal knobs on the nightstand for another pop of color!

Finally, these top lofts fit perfectly and safely together with rock-solid connections... something any Mom would want!

Corner Loft Connection

Hands down everyone agrees - the HighRise is a fantastic solution for kids all the way up to teens!


White HighRise High Corner Loft

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HighRise Loft
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White One-Drawer Nightstand

One Drawer Nightstand
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Fuchsia Crystal Knobs

Fuchshia Knob
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5 Drawer Kids Dresser

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White Kids Study Desk

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School Chairs

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Want help from our design team to build this setup or your own custom bed? Reach out to us!

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