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What Makes Maxtrix Different?

See how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Customer Service


Instantly connect via chat or phone with the knowledgeable Customer Service team based in our Charleston, SC HQ. Be confident you’re getting accurate, reliable information straight from the experts.

Other Kids Furniture Companies

Make your way through automated prompts, wait on hold, finally get connected to someone who can’t answer your questions. Most of our competitors are big, national chains with a vast catalog of assorted products and won’t be well versed in kid’s furniture.


 Options & Variety


With over 22,000 configurations, we are the world's largest kid's furniture system! It’s no exaggeration, none of our competitors’ offerings come close. Choose from 6 sizes, 4 heights, 3 colors & 4 entrances types – you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Other Kids Furniture Companies

Usually only a few of styles available one or two sizes and colors. Our competitors offer very limited catalogs. Only standard twin and full sizes, and the most basic configurations in just one height and entrance.



Children’s furniture is all we do - we are literally the experts! We know our product back to front and can help you choose the bed that will work best for you. All of our products are designed with safety as a priority and to be super functional for your family.

Other Kids Furniture Companies

Children’s furniture is typically a very small category of a retailer’s offering – and bunks & loft beds, an even smaller portion of that. So it’s no surprise that these store’s won’t be well-versed on the topic. Bottom line, when its not your focus, you’re not the experts.