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Triple Bunk Beds for Your Kids Shared Bedroom

Triple Bunk Beds for Your Kids Shared Bedroom

We've heard this scenario quite a few times... Your family was blessed with twins (or you already have two kids) and now you are expecting baby #3 or even #4! As you begin searching for beds to accommodate three kids or more in local furniture stores and online, you quickly realize there are few solutions to your space dilemma.

Don't worry; we've got you covered. If you are looking for a bed suitable for twins, triplets, multiple children or even friend sleepovers, and need to also maximize the design of your boys or girls shared bedroom, the best solution is likely a stacked triple bunk bed

triple bunk bed with slide

However, if you need to sleep more than two children in one room and you do not have the ceiling height for a stacked triple bunk bed, there are plenty of other options. We'd like to help you come up with the perfect configuration to sleep three in your kids room. Let's start with the following resources:

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Corner Triple Bunk Bed with Trundle

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So, remember, if you need space for three, four (or more), no problem! Discover great triple bunkbed and corner bunk beds for four ideas with Maxtrix.