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Combine Two or More Beds: Corner Lofts, Triple & Quad Bunks

Combine Two or More Beds: Corner Lofts, Triple & Quad Bunks

Make great use of room corners and never hear the kids fight about the top bunk again with our newest bedroom solutions - corner loft beds, corner loft bunk beds, stacked triple bunk beds and corner bunk beds for four

corner beds for kids, triple bunk bed

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  • Do you have a room with a corner that you don’t quite know what to do with?
  • Do you need to sleep more than one in a room but are not sure how to make everybody happy?
  • Is great utilization of space a concern?
  • Have you seen all the regular bunks and lofts out there but are left looking for something a bit more “wow”?
If you can answer “yes” to one of these questions, maybe you’d like to consider some of these solutions before calling your local carpenter for a custom creation… :)

triple bunk bed with storage

Corner Lofts

Corner loft beds are great options for rooms that have great wall space and limited floor square footage. Two kids can sleep up high and the space under can be used for study or storage.

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Our great l shaped corner loft bed designs include at least two separate, elevated beds connected to perfectly fit into a corner of any room. And, the best part - both kids get to sleep up high! Win/Win for all!

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At Maxtrix®, we offer this design in a variety of heights, finishes and with lots of options climbing options. The models above show straight and angled ladders as well as staircase entries. Keep in mind that you can configure your look to your needs - ladders and staircases can go on either the left or right side and you can choose any combination of the three entry options. You can also add storage underneath the beds or use the space as a great spot to read, study and play.

triple bunk bed, corner loft bunk beds

Corner Bunk Beds

Sleeping three in the same room? Lots of sleepover visitors? Need a comfy, neutral spot to snuggle and read before bedtime? Then corner loft bunk beds may be just right for you!

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triple bunk bed with storage

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This design combines three individual beds together, so you can sleep two up high and still have space for one bed below. The extra space under the second bed can be used to add shelves, a desk or a nightstand next to the bottom bed – especially convenient if you are using it more as a reading nook or a guest bed.

corner loft bunk beds, triple bunkbed
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This combination is also very attractive for vacation homes or guest rooms. With everybody in a separate bed, sleeping together can be fun and comfortable at the same time.

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The Quadruple Corner Bunk

Sleep four in style in this cool corner combo – four separate beds are combined to make use of every inch of space, and create four comfy sleeping quarters for some very lucky kids. Choose staircases or ladders to make getting into bed fun and safe. A variety of stains and headboard styles are available, and opt for twin or full size beds.

corner bunk beds for four
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If space allows, you could also stack two bunk beds beside each other and join them in the middle with a staircase entry! Sleeping four was never this much fun!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 1.44.11 PM
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When it comes to sleeping more than one child in a room, there are lots of things to consider, but at least when it comes to picking the right bed, we hope these options provided some inspiration. Also, remember that all of these beds are part of Maxtrix®, the world’s largest kid’s furniture system. So if your needs change - you decide to put something else into that corner – you can always convert any of these combinations into traditional lofts, bunks, or free-standing beds, just by adding a few component pieces.

Psst: there are lots of accessories, fabrics, mattresses and other options to dress up your beds available too! Contact our friendly customer service team, who is ready to help you come up with the perfect configuration for your children.

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