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Combine Two or More Beds: Corner L Shaped Loft Beds, Quad & Triple Bunk Beds

Combine Two or More Beds: Corner Lofts, Triple & Quad Bunks

Looking for the perfect space-saving bedroom solution? Then a Maxtrix corner loft bedcorner bunk bedtriple bunk bed or quad bunk bed is right for you! In addition to maximizing space and sleeping two, three, or more, these modular bunk beds and L Shaped Loft Beds are made for versatility, fitting any kid's bedroom with ease. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, and Queen sizes, there is a Maxtrix kids’ bed that will fit your child’s needs for years to come. Check out a few of our unique bed solutions below and create a kids’ loft bed or bunk bed that coordinates with your unique bedroom design.

triple corner bunk bed in white with staircase entry

Unique Kids Beds Solutions 

  • Do you have a room with a corner that you don’t quite know what to do with?
  • Do you need to sleep more than one in a room but are not sure how to make everybody happy?
  • Is great utilization of space a concern?
  • Have you seen all the regular bunks and lofts out there but are left looking for something a bit more “wow”?
If you can answer “yes” to one of these questions, consider some of these solutions before calling your local carpenter for a custom creation.
triple bunk bed for three kids unique beds

Corner Loft Beds and L Shaped Loft Beds for Two

Our bestselling corner loft beds for two - also known as L shaped loft beds - create a study zone, storage area, and play space in one modular bed design. These L shaped corner loft beds connect two or more lofts to easily fit in the corner of any kid's bedroom. Their space-saving designs make them ideal for vacation homes or rentals to sleep more in less space.

high corner loft bed for two kids

Looking for the perfect fit? Our corner L shaped loft beds are available in a variety of sizes to fit right into your space. Create a corner L shaped sturdy loft bed with desk or corner loft bed with stairs and add a straight or angled ladder for a comfortable climbing option that suits your space.

Corner Bunk Beds and Stacked Triple Bunk Beds for Three 

Sibling sleepovers and slumber parties just got a whole lot easier with our space saving corner bunk beds and triple bunk beds. With a stacked design that sleeps three or more, these functional three bed bunk beds are perfect for shared kid's rooms and vacation rental guest rooms. The modular design of these corner and triple beds allows you to add a desk, dresser, nightstand, or shelves to the bottom bed to add even more functionality and style.

medium high corner bunk bed with stairs

Need the ultimate space-saving sturdy bunk bed? Our solid wooden triple bunk beds offer sleeping space for three while opening up more room for play. Ideal for kids’ bedrooms with tall ceilings, this 3 tier bunk bed design maximizes space for dressersnightstandstoy storage, and more. At only 80 inches long, this triple decker bunk bed fits neatly in narrow spaces. Customize this kids’ 3 bunk bed with a straight or angled ladder or even add a slide to create a bed that’s both fun and super spacious for three people.

triple corner bunk bed with straight ladders small kids room

Quad Bunk Beds for Four

Sleeping four people has never been easier with our quadruple bunk beds. For ultimate flexibility, these sturdy bunk beds feature either an L shaped design or stairs in the middle to make use of every inch of space. Safe and comfortable for both kids and adults, these quad bunk beds are everyone’s favorite bedtime spot. Whether you choose to place them in your kids' bedroom, guest room, or rental, these functional beds will be the ideal space-saving solution.
corner bunk beds for fourquadruple bunk bed with stairs in the middle

We've rounded up our favorite beds that sleep three or four - triple, quad and corner beds for kids. We also added our solutions that make the bed longer or taller with Queen & XL bunk beds. Shop all of our Unique Beds.

custom quadruple bunk bed l shaped

Custom Bunk Beds for Kids that Convert

When it comes to sleeping more than one child in a room, there are lots of things to consider, but take some inspo from our favorite sturdy kids’ beds that sleep more. Also, remember that all these beds are part of the Maxtrix® system, the world’s largest kids’ furniture system. So if your needs change – you decide to put something else into that corner – you can always change any of our convertible bunk beds, loft beds, or kids’ beds into traditional lofts, bunks, or free-standing beds, just by adding a few component pieces.
maxtrix kids bed system beds that grow

Psst: there are lots of accessories, fabrics, mattresses and other options to dress up your beds available, too! Contact our friendly customer care team, who is ready to help you come up with the perfect custom bunk bed or loft bed for your children.

contact maxtrix kids design team custom configurations

Products in Triple & Quad Bunk Beds collection
DIRECTOR XL NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Queen Quadruple High Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Queen High Quad Bunk with Stairs in Middle

TRIATHLON NS : Multiple Bunk Beds High Twin over Full Corner Loft Bunk Bed with Ladder + Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin over Full + Twin High Corner Loft Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left

TRIO NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin High Corner Loft Bunk Bed, Slat, Natural

Twin High Corner Loft Bunk with Straight Ladder and Angled Ladder

QUARTILE NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin High Corner Bunk Bed with Angled Ladder and Stairs on Left, Slat, Natural

Twin High Corner Bunk with Angled Ladder and Stairs

BIG BANG NS : Multiple Bunk Beds Twin over Full Quadruple Bunk Bed with Stairs, Slat, Natural

Twin over Full Quad Bunk with Stairs in Middle

Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders

Twin Triple Bunk with Ladders


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