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Top Kids Twin Over Full Bunk Beds & L Shaped Beds

Twin Over Full Bunk Beds for Kids
It's easy to love bunk beds, right? A bunk is a popular bed choice for any kid's room - whether you have one, two, three or more kids because they are fun AND practical. Your child may be entering the weekly sleepover phase and you need extra accommodations, or maybe you were blessed with multiple kids. Sharing a room is far more fun than sleeping alone!

Top Twin Over Full Bunk Beds
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Twin over full bunk beds are very popular with parents and kids. The bottom bunk is larger, which allows for plenty of room for an extra child during sleepovers. Parents enjoy the extra space for snuggle time or nighttime reading with their kids. So, get comfortable and stretch out! :)

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Tips for Selecting Your Twin over Full Bunk Bed

If you are searching for a twin over full bunk, here are a few tips. First, narrow down your bed configuration options. Start with your wood finish - white, natural and chestnut - and then choose your bed end style - transparent slats or a solid panel. Here is the slat option shown on our "Slope":

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Note that your bottom bed can sit in two different directions. A traditional bunk over bunk has both beds stacked right on top of each other. You also have the option of turning the bottom full bed out, forming an "L-shape" as shown here:

Boys Natural Bunks
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Next, choose your entrance style - angled, straight ladder or staircase. Notice that on the L-shaped configuration your angled or straight ladder will touch the ground; whereas the ladder doesn't touch with our traditional, stacked bunk beds. Trundle beds or under-bed storage drawers can only be fully pulled out if there is no ladder in the way. :)

Did you know that you can add a slide to twin over full bunk beds? Even if you don't see it pictured here, there are so many fun options for your bunk bed. It's always worth asking our friendly customer service team for advice. So, go wild... add the slide or a top tent! :)

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Need to sleep three? You can also purchase a corner bunk bed configuration with two twin beds up high and one full size bed below. This configuration maximizes square footage and allows for storage or study space. Notice the designer in this example opted for a top tent even on a corner bed!

Triple Corner Bunk with Top Tents
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Shop Popular Kid's Twin Over Full Bunk Beds from Maxtrix

Are you ready to shop? We have several different styles of twin over full bunks. Here are our two most popular bunks - the Slope and Sumo - with an angled ladder and staircase entry. Shop these two best-selling models and a few more of our favorites with this break-down:

Slope: Angled Ladder / Stacked

The Slope is the most common, traditional twin over full bunk look. An angled ladder rests on the bottom bedside rail so you can put a fully functional trundle or under-bed storage below.

Maxtrix Slope - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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Slick: Add a Slide

Is your child longing for a slide bed? Opt for the Slick! It's our Slope bed featured above, but we added a fun slide! For slide platform options, check out the Fuse.

Maxtrix Slick - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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Mix: Straight Ladder / L Shape

When you turn the bottom bed, the full bed then sticks out forming a L-shaped bunk bed. The Mix is paired with a straight ladder entry for a clean look.

Maxtrix Mix - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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Max: Angled Ladder / L Shape

The Max is another L-shaped bed, but the ladder has been changed to angled. Some parents prefer the angled ladder with handrail for as an additional safety measure.

Maxtrix Max - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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Wiggle: Staircase / L Shape

Your last L-shaped bunk bed option - The Wiggle - features a twin over full, but it has a staircase entry. Maxtrix staircases feature fully functioning drawers in every step, extra wide steps and grooves for additional safety. If you have the space, you will love this bedroom look.

Maxtrix Wiggle - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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The Sumo: Stacked / Staircase Entry

The “Sumo” twin over full bunk bed is our newest twin over full stacked bunk to hit the market. Its upstairs is easily accessed with the comfortable and extra safe staircase.

Maxtrix Sumo - Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
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Make it Longer!

Want an even longer or wider look? New to our line of staggered beds are a few different options - introducing Twin XL over Full, Twin XL over Queen or Full XL over Queen. Shop them all

Sleep Three or More!

Need accommodations for three kids? It's possible with any of our Twin over Full bunk beds... just add a trundle bed, which slides out form under the bottom bunk. It can be stored away when unused to keep the space uncluttered.

Maxtrix Sumo Bed with Trundle
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Or, opt for a triple bunk in a corner bed configuration with our new (and very popular) Triathlon! It has two twin sized beds up top and then a full bed underneath. The corner bed look is ideal for larger, shared bedrooms, vacation properties or beach homes! There is a staircase entry on one side for storage and an angled ladder on the other side.

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If you need to save a little room, try a triple corner bunk without the staircase called the Trinity. As with all Maxtrix beds, your twin-over-full bunk bed is completely configurable to your needs.

For assistance shopping our boy's or girl's twin over full beds, contact our staff! We can help you design the perfect look for your kid's room!
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