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The Kicks: Best Selling Low Loft with Dresser, Bookcase & Angled Ladder

The Kicks: Best Selling Low Loft with Dresser, Bookcase & Angled Ladder
Small room? Need storage without taking up too much space? Looking to purchase your first loft bed and want to know which one others are loving? If this is you, Mom, Dad or Grandparent, then we recommend taking a look at the Kicks2. Here are four reasons why this twin size low loft with dresser, bookcase and angled ladder is a Best Seller.

Kicks2 Feature

1. The Kicks2 is the Perfect Size

As a low loft bed sitting only 50.75" tall, it's the perfect introduction to an elevated bed as your child will not have to climb up too high. We recommend children be at least six years old for lofts and bunk beds, but you know your child best. Here's a great image that shows the Kicks2 scaled to the size of the child:

KICKS 2-GirlonStairs

2. Climb Safely up the Kicks2

The angled ladder with handrail offers a safe entry for children climbing up for the first time. This is why the Kicks is so popular. However, if you are looking at a straight ladder, here is the Box. And, we also have a staircase entry as seen in the Great.

The Kicks2 is offered in three finishes - chestnut, natural and white. Choose your finish and also your bed end - curved, panel and slats.

Kicks2 - Collage (1)
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3. Needed Storage Included!

The "Kicks2" model is so popular because it comes with two dressers in the front and a bookcase on the end. Keep in mind that you can configure your low loft - or any Maxtrix bed - to your needs. The dressers in the front could be bookcases, desks, toy storage or a combination thereof. Simply start with the Kicks and then add the storage that you want! See all of your Kicks options here or contact our customer service for further suggestions. Your options are endless!

KICKS 2-BlueRoom
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Here's how the configuration looks from the side. You'll see the back of the bookcase, which would open from the other side and the two dressers slide to the front of the loft bed.

If you ever want to re-configure your room, you can slide these dressers and bookcases out as stand alone pieces of furniture. You can also add leg extensions to the low loft to make it a mid or high loft when your child is older.

High Loft Chestnut

4. Quality Construction

All of our beds and furniture are made to last with solid wood construction. This includes the slats underneath the beds!

Take a look the quality of this dresser drawer:

Safety is also important to our company. With soft closing drawers, we're protecting little hands.


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