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Saleha Updates Sons Room to Twin Bunk Beds with Slide

Saleha Updates Sons Room to Twin Bunk Beds with Slide

Remember Saleha and her son, Shayaan? He's loved his Maxtrix convertible bed for a couple of years now. Shayaan and his family recently moved, so Saleha used the opportunity to update his room and change the look of his bed. Shayaan outgrew the castle loft with play panels and wanted to make more room for friends and sleepovers. They chose to convert his existing Maxtrix loft bed to high, twin bunk beds with slide platform - the Poof!

Bed that Grows Up

Take a look at Shayaan's previous bed designs. He began with a high loft with slide platform and play panels called the Stadium

"At the moment we were looking at several loft slide beds and Maxtrix stadium stood out to us the most. Shayaan and I both loved the castle design & the slide. It also looked very sturdy and built nicely." 

Play Castle Loft with Slide Platform Saleha

Shayaan later needed more space for studying and less space for playing, so the family removed the front play panels to open up the space. This look is called the Filiocus. They also moved the student desk under the loft bed to save space.
High Loft with Slide and Study Desk

The New Look - Bunk Bed with Slide

After the family moved, Saleha reached out to our design team to figure out the best next configuration change to meet Shayaan's growing needs. It's time for sleepovers and friends, so Shayaan requested a second bed, which converted a single bed loft to a Maxtrix twin bunk beds with slide platform called the Poof.

Our design team recommended under-bed drawers to finish out the look while also providing extra storage for Shayaan. This is great news for Saleha, as these drawers are easily accessible and help kids keep their rooms nice and tidy with quick cleanups. Saleha also chose a short guardrail in the front for safety and to prevent rolling out of bed.

With 8' ceilings, Shayaan still has plenty of head room on the top twin bunk to sit up and read or play. He often chooses it to sleep on, too.

Little sister and friends still love that he kept his slide platform. The hand bars and step grooves ensure everyone climbs safely and has fun!

Shayaan kept his student desk and just moved it to a different wall, creating a separate study environment for school work.

"It was actually super simple to change up the configuration.The Maxtrix customer service was amazing and very helpful. Since my husband put it together himself, we were able to call with any of our questions. Customer service was really helpful and helped us figure out any areas of confusion."

"When it was all built, it was the most amazing bed I’ve ever seen for a little boy. Everyone who saw it also loved it."

"We will probably reconfigure it yet again whenever Shayaan is ready. For anyone looking at Maxtrix, I say go for it. It is an investment, but you’re paying for what you get - excellent quality furniture!"

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