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Queen Bunk Beds for Tween Boys Room Reveal

Queen Bunk Beds for Tween Boys Room Reveal
Creating shared spaces can be challenging - particularly as children grow into tweens and teens. With many bunk bed options available for younger kids, mom Kristin dePaula, went on the hunt for a more durable design for her tween boys, Zane and Rhett. As a large family with four kids total, the boys would need to continue to share a room, so Kristin needed a sophisticated design that fit their needs and small square footage. Instead of a Twin or Full Bed for 10 Year Old, they landed on Queen Bunk Beds, the boys love the extra bed space and are excited to hangout in their updated tween boys room.

queen bunk beds for kids


Take a look at the boys' room before they upgraded to bunk beds:

before photo of tween boys room

After searching, Kristin chose the ladder on end option for the boys Queen bunks. It's clean design minimizes space and appeals to older tweens and teens. They like the openness of not having a ladder in the front of the lower bunk bed. Plus, Kristin's son can climb right up to the top bunk upon entering the room. 

ladder on end of bunk bed

ladder on end of queen bunk beds
As tweens, the boys would need extra storage for all of their personal items, which can be difficult when sharing a room as well. Kristin chose an under-bed dresser to maximize space under the Queen bunks and a bedside magazine rack for storing their favorite books. She completed their storage with a Maxtrix nightstand and bookcase. Shop the full collection here

underbed dresser for bunk beds

five shelf bookcase tween boys room

Kristin from Daily Moms Shares about the Room Reveal

We wanted a larger bed than a twin for our growing boys; they are big boys in the first place and we wanted something that would last through the tween/teen years. The larger Queen Bunk Beds were chosen and fit wonderfully in their room size. 

queen size bunk beds for tweens

The durability of these beds was also a huge factor as most bunks made me nervous, whereas the amount of weight these Maxtrix bunks held made me confident they would be safe for the boys.
sturdy queen bunk beds
The furniture was all incredibly easy to set up and assemble. We like the ability to move the furniture - the bookcase and 3 drawer dresser were simple.
five shelf bookcase boys room

chestnut night stand boys room

The Queen bunks are heavy - I wanted sturdy bunk beds - so they are not as easy to move. It is possible with 2 adults, however. 
queen bunk beds ladder on end
The design is great, and the fit is exactly what we needed. There were a variety of layouts and storage options to chose from, which was a huge plus.
underbid storage for queen bunk beds

bedside magazine rack for queen bunks

The quality is great thus far with heavy duty, sturdy options, and the staff was fabulous!
queen bunk beds for tween boys

It is possible to turn the beds into two separate Queen size beds if we need to, but since we have 4 boys, it is likely they will remain as bunk beds for a long time to come. :)
tween boys shared room bunk beds

These Queen bunk beds are worth it! Whether you are short on space and looking to furnish a small space, simply want to provide more floor space to play, or just want a really cool configuration of bunk beds or loft beds for your kids room, Maxtrix has the personalized set up you want! Not only are these beds super study and provide plenty of space for the boys to spread out, they (and their friends) think they are awesome!
queen bunks boys room

Shop Kristin's Queen Bunk Beds with Ladder on end in her Room Collection or any of our Queen and XL bunk beds.

Safe Queen Bunk Beds for Tweens

Love the size and sturdiness of Kristin's bunk beds? Maxtrix bunk beds are tested to hold up to 800 pounds, double the U.S. safety standard. Our patented Rock Locks provide super sturdy, rock-solid connections, so your kids sleep on a secure design. Lastly, with industry-leading 16" guardrails, coupled with low profile mattresses, your tweens will sleep safely and securely on the top bunk.

sturdy loft bed

Ready to create your own design? Contact our design team with assistance choosing the right size bunk bed or customizing your tween bed. 

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