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New Fabric Colors on our Best Selling 'Yang' Low Loft with Tent!

New Fabric Colors on our Best Selling 'Yang' Low Loft with Tent!
Our gallery of cool kid's beds is extensive! You can shop from single beds to high lofts and everything in between. But, our low loft with play curtains and tents are probably the most popular with kids AND parents! They are simply unique and extremely functional... AND FUN! And, now, we're offering our best selling "Yang" (and all other beds with curtains or tents) with trending new fabric colors! Take a look!

New Fabrics - Yang - Collage
Our Fall 2016 Collection includes several new color combinations - starting top left and going clockwise:

We're also still carrying several of our original fabric colors - see all of your color options on the "Yang". So, why is the Yang so - dare we say - awesome? ;) Here's why...

Play Today & Change Tomorrow!

We all know that our kids grow up WAY too fast. We find that our customers use the play curtains and top tents for several fun years, but whenever your child decides he or she is ready for a change, it is very easy to take down the curtains and top tent. OR, start with just the play curtains and add a top tent! Our systems are completely configurable.


Our Fabrics are Durable & Bright!

Maxtrix® Fabrics are made from soft, luxurious 100% cotton. They are pre-washed and hand sewn, with lots of attention to windows that actually open and close with fabric straps or Velcro closures. And, how about these new pops of color? These new color combinations are right on trend and bring a great focal point to a room.

Each curtain comes with a full front panel and a side panel – extra side panels are available too if you want to cover 2 sides of the Loft Bed with curtains. They are easy to attach, just as easy to take off:


Get Ready to Play Hide & Seek!

Kids love playing in the Yang or any of our play lofts because of our details. We've provided see through windows and flaps to easily roll-up the door and open the window. This gives your young child "privacy" while playing and helps him or her relax in the evenings. Simply close the top tent window!


Easy to Attach & Take Off!

Our play curtains easily attach to the inside of the bedside rail with a thick piece of Velcro. Like this you can easily remove and re-install the curtain within seconds.

You'll know exactly where to look when it's time to play hide and seek with the Yang. :)


Add Storage Underneath!

Short on space? You can still get the play look but with storage by simply adding a three-drawer dresser under one of the sides. We've shown you this option here, but you could also try a bookcase or a stack of toy chests!


Simplify the look with the Easy Rider

If you prefer to remove the top tent, you can also get this same great look with only bottom curtains. The "Easy Rider" is the perfect solution to keep an open top bed area but also keep the play space underneath:

Easy Rider
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Complete the Look!

Here are some complimentary items you might want to consider:

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Or, take a look at some of our other NEW ITEMS just released in our Fall Collection. If you have any questions about the Yang or any of our configurable beds, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team!