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Organize it! Solutions for Kids Clutter: Storage Furniture

Organize it! Solutions for Kids Clutter: Storage Furniture
Living with kids is not always the most glamorous when it comes to keeping a home tidy. Mountains of toys, crayons and the occasional lost sock can quickly pile up to create a giant mess. But, the good news is that there are plenty of solutions to make organizing and storage easy and fun. So I decided to reclaim my home - and here is how I did it:

I needed storage solutions - mainly for kids toys and clothes - but I also wanted a clean, traditional look with a touch of modern flair to make it unique to my children. Shopping for kids storage furniture can get overwhelming. There are tons of considerations (do I want a toy box, bin or chest??). And, I needed to easily incorporate storage organizers in each room without taking up too much space.

Best Kids Storage

Kids Storage - Loft Beds with Storage

Starting with the bedroom was the most logical move. Because my kids have small rooms, we chose loft beds to optimize the space underneath. Storage loft beds are extremely functional because you can integrate dressers, two-drawer units, four-drawer units, toy boxes and more so kids can store their necessities while also leaving valuable floor space for fun and games.

Under the Bed Kids Storage

Kids also enjoy sleeping in bunk beds, and if you go that route, you can easily still incorporate bunk bed storage with children's under bed storage drawers.

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These storage drawers also work with kids day beds.

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Bedside Kids Storage

Sleeping up high also means your children don't have access to storage on the ground or under their beds, so I like the idea of adding bedside storage up high so they can read, snack and keep their books and items nearby. Here are a few I'm considering - bedside trays, racks and Maxpacks.

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Kids Dressers & Night Stands

If there isn't space for under bed storage, other types of organizers look great with furniture set. Try a hardwood dresser or nightstand and pick a timeless shade - like chestnut, natural or white - that you won't need to change in a few years. Many kids, especially girls, like white dressers - with or without mirrors - for their bedroom chest of drawers.

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And, if you want to add that flair, I really like the idea of simply adding fun knobs or knob backers because you can change them again in a year or two without breaking the bank.

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For Any Room: Kids Storage Furniture & Solid Wood Bookcases

We all know that toys are usually the largest clutter culprit. Let's just store them! I really like toy boxes because they look good in so many spaces - even outside of the bedroom. Think about your mudroom, living room, play room, closet or den. Any room with that needs a window seat or nook to fill can use one of these toy boxes. I've been known to store a lot more than just toys in them, too!!

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Bookcases also work in pretty much any room of the home. Outside of toys, books tend to pile up in small stacks throughout our home. A kids bookshelf is the way to go. I chose a natural bookcase for my son's room:

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And, I'm glad these pieces of furniture transfer to any space and have many functions!

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I'm feeling a bit more organized in 2018 and plan to configure, reconfigure and change out flair over time. It'll be fun! Hope your 2018 is as clutter-free as mine!