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Brittney Reveals Toddler Room Starring Loft Bed with Slide and Stairs

Brittney Reveals Toddler Room Starring Loft Bed with Slide and Stairs
Families love investing in solutions that last, and that's exactly what Brittney Fusilier did for her daughter's room makeover. Her daughter, Madison, was ready for her first big girl room and REALLY wanted a bed with a slide. Having co-slept on-and-off with her parents since birth, Brittney knew that if Madison helped her pick out her first big girl bed, she might be super excited about sleeping independently. Little sister, Liv, would also be joining her in the years to come, so they needed a kids bed that would grow with the family over time, and from one kid to a shared solution. They looked at little girl beds, and found Maxtrix!
solid wood low loft bed twin with slide and stairs
DELICIOUS NS : Play Loft Beds Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs + Slide, Slat, Natural

Twin Low Loft Bed with Stairs and Slide

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Take a look at Madison's nursery before her big girl bed was installed. 

little girl nursery

Madison NEEDED a slide, and because she is young, Brittney wanted a super safe way to climb. As they searched for beds for 5 year olds, they ultimately chose the Maxtrix twin size low loft bed with stairs and slide - which suits both of their needs/wants now and can easily be transformed later! Shop all featured Maxtrix designs in Madison's Room Collection
toddler twin low loft bed with slide

The Maxtrix System - Growing a Low Loft to Medium Bunk Bed 

When we first spoke with Brittney, we talked through her ultimate goal of creating a shared room with bunk beds for both girls. Liv, her youngest daughter, will be in her crib for a while still, but eventually Brittney will transition her to the bottom bunk once she's of age. 
girls room bed with slide
Knowing about their future shared room goal, the Maxtrix design team guided Brittney to a twin size loft bed with slide solution today that also could be reconfigured to a medium bunk bed with stairs and slide when Liv joins Madison in their shared girls room. Working with the Maxtrix design team early on ensures the least amount of components will be needed down the road to change the bed design. The bed that Madison is excited about sleeping in today will one day convert into a medium bunk bed in the future: 
ECSTATIC NS : Play Bunk Beds Twin Medium Bunk Bed with Stairs + Slide, Slat, Natural
We can't wait to see how their room evolves as the girls get older. Hear more from Brittney about their selections, and shop Madison's room.
Brittney Fusilier and girls room reveal

Brittney's Selection of the Low Loft Bed with Slide that Grows

I chose a Maxtrix bed because I was looking for a high quality and functional bed for our daughter, Madison. She specifically requested a slide and stairs, so this one was perfect! The obvious advantage was for sure the fact that the bed is super chic and is also sturdy/safe!
twin low loft bed with slide and stairs
The entire process from ordering to getting the bed set up and assembling the toy storage was great! The staff is extremely helpful and helped with the design of her room. The quality is hands down the best I've seen! 
low bed with slide for toddler
The bed and toy chest were super easy to set up. My husband was able to follow the instructions and get it done pretty quickly.
toddler low bed with slide
The catch is not taking all of the pieces out at once. Also, we definitely had to move it around to find the correct orientation/best fit and that was easy as well!
low bed with play space underneath
I eventually want to convert the low loft bed into a medium bunk bed with stairs once Olivia is of age. I didn't do it immediately because Liv is still in a crib, and I really wanted Maddy to enjoy the loft feel before the next step up!
twin low loft with slide and stairs
Madison is only 3, so we didn't want to go super high with the bed. The low bed height was perfect! Plus, the stairs versus the ladder was a great decision!
twin bed with stairs
For anyone considering, a Maxtrix bed is worth the investment for sure. It's a bed that will grow with your kids for years to come. The quality is un-matched and there are so many different options for you to choose that will fit your family best!
toddler low loft bed with slide

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Love Brittney's selections? We've gathered all of her furniture pieces along with a few coordinating pieces into one collection - Madison's Room. Each item is available in white, natural or chestnut. Want to get even more inspired by more #MyMaxtrix looks?

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Take a look at Rooms We Love. Contact our design team for assistance creating a unique look that grows with your child. 

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