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Add a Slide to Your High Bunk Bed with the Poof!

high bunk beds with slide

Wow, oh wow. This addition to the Maxtrix furniture line is one that older boys and girls LOVE! In addition to our slide options for low and mid high bunk beds, now you can add a slide to a high bunk bed with our new platform! We've bundled it as the "Poof" - available in white, chestnut and natural with your choice of slats, paneled or curved bed ends. Take a look at the Poof and get ready to spoil those kiddos with a FUN, SAFE room! :)

Four Reasons to Shop the Poof High Bunk Bed with Slide

We know your options are endless with Maxtrix, so let's look at four good reasons to keep the Poof in mind if you are shopping for a kid's bunk beds with slides.

Twin High Bunk Bed with Slide Platform

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1. Minimal Space Required

Since the platform sits exactly where a staircase would normally sit on any of our beds with stairs, the slide does not add any additional length. So, if you were considering a bunk bed with staircase, the Poof will fit the same amount of space.

Plus, with the slide starting further back against the wall, it does not protrude into the room as much as our configurations with the slide in the front of the bed like this example:

bunk bed with slide

2. Slide Platform Doubles as an Entry Way

When your child climbs up the platform, he or she can also continue up to the top bed as the platform doubles as an entryway. There are steps on the side which take you to the slide or all the way up.

3. Safety First with this Slide Bed

We added two monkey bars on the top to provide an enclosed standing platform for your child's safety. It's an extra place to grip while standing up there and prevents them from sliding without sitting first.

safe high bunk beds with slides

4. This Platform is Versatile

We've heard parents express concern about investing in a slide bed as they believe their children will "grow out of it" in a few years. With Maxtrix, you can reconfigure your bed at any time. When your children no longer want the slide, you can remove it and replace it with a different entry like this straight ladder.

medium bunk beds
Configure the platform in a few different ways. Not only can you add the slide to the side of the bed, but you could also flip it around to the front of the bed. If this is an option you would like to explore, make sure you contact our friendly team and they'll help build your configuration!

Add Play Curtains to Complete the Look

You can take the Poof - or any of our low or mid lofts or bunk beds - and add under-bed curtains. It's like creating an indoor fort - perfect for the playroom or kid's room! We have so many color combinations to choose from for both boys and girls. Here are a few to get you inspired. :)

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poof high bunk beds with slides
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Posted Thu, Nov 08, 18