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Yo! This is a Toddler Bed Worth Seeing.

Yo! This is a Toddler Bed Worth Seeing.
Shopping for toddler beds can be so much fun because there are so many different designs available for little girl and little boy's rooms. But, your toddler bed does not have to be a temporary solution until your kiddo is ready for his or her first "Big Kid" bed. Consider investing in a toddler bed that is a standard twin size - AND one that can be reconfigured over time. Our daybeds are perfect for this solution. When you accessorize them with a colorful fabric as a top tent, you can have a little kid look today but a sophisticated young child tomorrow as the top tent easily comes off, leaving the wood on the bed unvarnished. Let's meet the "Yo" toddler bed with top tent:

toddler bed with colorful top tent

YO23 NP : Kids Beds Twin Toddler Bed with Tent, Panel, Natural

Twin Toddler Bed with Top Tent

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Here's a close-up look at our top tents, which are available in many color combinations. We have pinks, whites, blues, purples, greys, oranges and MORE!

top tent on toddler bed

Top Tents are kid approved as they create a nice, private spot for your little one to use to sleep soundly without room or sibling distractions. And, let's not forget the how perfect a tent is for indoor hide-and-seek! Trust us - they are sure to us this spot again and again. Rainy, hot or cold days are much more enjoyed in a fun bedroom with an indoor fort / tent.

boy toddler bed with tent
When you're ready to take off the top tent, you are left with a safe, secure daybed with a front and back guardrail. Continue using this look until your child is ready for his or her first single bed - simply remove the guardrails for a whole new look!

daybed for toddler

BRAX NS : Kids Beds Daybed, Slat, Natural


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Even better our single beds are the perfect introduction to our Maxtrix System as you can then easily elevate it to make a loft bed, add a bed to make bunk beds or leave it alone as a twin or full size bed that will stand the test of time (and look fabulous).

daybed with guardrail for toddler

YEAH NS : Kids Beds Twin Toddler Bed, Slat, Natural

Twin Toddler Bed

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twin bed for toddler

Twin Medium Basic Bed

Twin Medium Basic Bed

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Complete the Toddler Room

Your toddler's Yo bed is available in white, natural or chestnut finishes. Complete your child's room by matching any of our kid's furniture - dressers, play tables, toy storage or bookcases. Here are a few of our favorites to compliment the Yo:

trundle bed for toddler bed

1210-001 : Kids Beds Trundle Bed, Natural

Trundle Bed

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under bed dresser

1610-001 : Furniture 2 Drawer Underbed Dresser Unit, Natural

2 Drawer Underbed Dresser Unit

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dresser for toddler room

4130-001 : Furniture 3 Drawer Dresser, Natural

3 Drawer Dresser

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play table

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nightstand for toddler room

4210-001 : Furniture 1 Drawer Nightstand with Shelf, Natural

1 Drawer Nightstand with Shelf

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toy storage for toddler room

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maxpacks for toddler bed

3800-021 : Accessories Large MaxPack, Blue + Red

Large MaxPack

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mattress for toddler bed

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