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Want Silent Nights? Kids Bedroom Makeovers that Help Them Sleep.

Want Silent Nights? Kids Bedroom Makeovers that Help Them Sleep.
Curtains and top tents on loft beds and bunk beds are super fun – but did you know they can also help kids fall and stay asleep? This may just be the perfect present... for both kids and parents!

Play Time During the Day

Kids love our play beds! Think real life Cinderella castles or forts; perfect for fantasy games and using their imagination! You can play “house” underneath a loft bed by adding these under-bed play curtains – made from 100% cotton fabric – in cute, vibrant colors, perfect as a permanent hideaway (Moms less visible clutter, too!). The little windows and doors are fully functioning and easily open and close with attached tie-backs.

If you want some storage, you can add an inward-facing bookshelf to help organize the “house” and have toys and books in easy reach! Also, add a soft padding over the floor for little knees with the Max Mat, a colorful padded mat that perfectly coordinates with your Maxtrix fabrics.

Underbed Bookshelf
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You can also add this play curtain to a bottom bunk bed, which instantly transforms the bottom bunk into a play house. (Yes, you might be the coolest parent EVER!) It's easy to access through its “door”, and the windows provide extra light. Worried about air flow? Don't. The fabric is 100% cotton and is attached only at the top of the bed, allowing for ample air flow and ventilation.

maxwood furniture -¬ king street studios-99  retouched
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But, playing under your Maxtrix bed is definitely not your only option! Play right on it by adding a cute top tent to any of our beds - daybeds, bunks or lofts - to create a play-space right on top.


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And, Sweet Dreams at Night!

So, here's the real reason why parents love our play beds, too... when it’s time for bed after a fun day playing “house”, the curtain helps block out ambient light and even muffles some of the sound. This helps create a cozy corner to easily fall asleep and – bonus!! – stay asleep a few extra precious minutes.

Sleeping 2 kids in 1 room? It’s a challenge to avoid one sibling waking up the other! Under bed curtains and top-tents are great for creating personalized spaces for each child, which limits disturbances during the night. Because when the top-bunk sleeper needs to “go” in the middle of the night, you don’t want to wake up inhabitants of the bottom bunk!

Top-tents provide the same benefits of dampening sound and light. In hot environments where a breeze from a fan is important, simply flip the front fabric on top of the structure, or remove the top fabric to allow the cool breeze from a ceiling fan to get to the bed.


Play Bed Today... Study or Storage Bed Tomorrow!

And, when the little prince or princess is not that little anymore, you can raise the bed to mid loft height by adding some simple leg extensions, and add an extension for your play-curtain too! Eventually, when he or she is ready for a big girl room, you can easily remove the play-curtain, slide or top tent and tower completely.

- The curtain is attached to the inside bottom part of the bedside rail with a glued double-sided Velcro strip – easy to add and remove any color curtain you chose.

- The top-tent is draped over a wooden structure, which rests on the bedside rails. This structure is easily removed when the top tent is no longer required.

Slides and towers can also easily be removed to convert the bed into a more “grown up” set. GirlsPrincessBed
With Maxtrix, you can re-use the bed and simply add extension kits, accessories or other furniture pieces like desk or dressers to evolve your child’s room. It’s much more economical than purchasing new bedroom sets over and over again and definitely a more sustainable approach to furnishing your child’s bedroom – all the way to college!

This low loft bed today...

... can become a higher corner loft tomorrow!

The bottom line with Maxtrix? You can spoil them while they are little with a cute Princess bed or fort and treat them to many kids bedroom makeovers as they grow – all using the exact same Maxtrix bed!

Here's to wishing you all more sleep this season!

Happy Holidays
The Maxtrix® team