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Little Girls Princess Bedroom Transforms to Big Girl Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Little Girls Princess Bedroom Transforms to Big Girl Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
When my daughter, Lily decided she was ready for her 'big girl' bed I sort of freaked out... not because it was going to be hard to change her bed - we have a Maxtrix bed and they reconfigure very easily - but because our little girl was really growing up way too fast!

Lily loved her little girl Princess bed. It had all the accessories she wanted - low loft with a top pink canopy, bed with slide, pink castle tower, and tents and curtains suitable for any Princess in distress! ;)

Princess Bed

But, Lily was ready for new adventures. She wanted to trade in her low loft for bunk beds so she could climb high like her brother (he has a boy's Maxtrix bed). The slide had to stay, and we added a full bunk bed on the bottom so Mom and Dad could enjoy snuggle, reading and storytelling time (a big part of our nighttime routine).

So, how did we change the bed? Here was our process, which only took 1.5 hours to complete.

Lily's Birthday Gift: Bunk Beds

Lilys Room Transformation

Steps 1-4: Take down the castle!
Steps 5-8: Add the second bed.
Steps 9-12: Build the new bunk!

First, it was time to remove the castle tower, slide and angled ladder until we were left with the basic low loft.

Remove Castle

Remove Slide & Ladder

Basic Low Loft

Next, we took off the bed leg extenders, which are used to convert a daybed into a low loft. We simply turned the bed on its side and unscrewed the legs - which were designed with the Rock Lock for safety and durability.

Rock Lock System

Removing Legs

Leg Extenders Removed

Enter the new full bed! It was time to assemble the white twin over full bunk bed. We knew Lily enjoyed her top tent so we kept that in place as well.

Add Full Bed

Rock Lock on Full

Assemble Bunks Add Top Tent

Finally, time to make this girl's bunk bed perfect by adding a great new fabric color for the curtain, top tent and mattress cover (did you notice the darker, bolder pink?), the slide, angled ladder with handrail and accessories to the twin and full bunk.

Add Ladder & Bedding

Add Slide & Accessories

Lilly's New Bunk

Happy birthday, Lily! Her reaction was priceless!