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Boys Medium Loft Bed with Slide - The Perfect Design for Older Kids

mid loft bed with slide fun kids bed

As kids get older and outgrow toddler room designs, their needs often change, but their playful spirits and imaginations still shine. This is exactly the reason why fun play loft beds are still perfect for elementary age children (8-11). There are so many ways to enjoy a room during the school year plus Summer and Winter breaks with a bed equipped with a slide, curtains and top tent. Talk about an immediate indoor fort for after school playdates, sibling banter and sleepover fun. Let them unwind after school with the Sweet! 

medium loft bed with slide

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Mid Loft Height Dimensions

The Sweet as a twin mid loft bed with slide is just the right height for older kids, providing additional headroom underneath the bed and more steps and height to climb and slide. 

sweet mid loft height

About a foot taller than its "sister" low loft bed with slide the Marvelous, the Sweet is a great example of how those extra inches make indoor playtime more practical and fun. Here are the dimensions of a medium loft bed:

medium mid loft bed dimensions

Play Features on Medium Lofts

We've jazzed up the Sweet by adding a few popular play features - underbed curtains and a top tent. Choose among many color combinations to create the perfect look, and easily take off the curtains and top tent if/when your child is ready for a more sophisticated design. We often see the change to desks and storage once kids hit middle school age.

curtains and slide for mid loft

Inside the curtains, the space is used as "private" play quarters for kids who begin to want independence and separation from younger siblings. The beauty of the amount of space is that furniture still fits comfortably for storing graphic novels and and their first full book series. Let your child style the space so it feels like them!

play space under mid loft bed

Curtains easily attach to the bottom of the bed, creating a very polished design.

under bed curtains for play mid loft bed

Top tents equally provide another private space for sleeping. The sides of the top tent attach to the frame when your child wants a more open look and the little window is great for a quick look during hide and seek. 

top tent for mid loft bed with slide

Just like the curtains, the top tent easily removes without leaving wood blemishes. Keep the wooden frame of the mid loft in tack, leaving what will feel like a different bed design for your growing child!

medium loft bed with slide

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Perhaps the best feature of this medium loft bed is, of course, the slide! There simply couldn't be a "cooler" way to get out of bed in the mornings than to slide out of bed just in time for breakfast. (Ok maybe flying is cooler but we don't have have super hero powers...) 

medium high loft bed with slide and top tent

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Convert your Low Loft or Toddler Bed

Maxtrix is unique in that all of our components are reconfigurable. So, if you already own a base twin bed or a twin size low loft, then simple leg extenders convert it into a mid loft height. That's the beauty of owning furniture that grows with your child! So, a bed like Harrison's today, can convert easily into the Sweet tomorrow!

low loft with angled ladder

Then, the Sweet will continue to grow into high school and even college with longer leg extenders, turning it into a high loft. At that stage kids are ready to get rid of the slide, which is replaced with a longer guard rail. It's that simple. Here's an example in our white finish on the Knockout:

high loft with angled ladder

Create your Custom Medium Loft with Slide

The Sweet is a model that has already been configured with a ladder and slide. However, all of our beds are customizable. Simply start with a base bed like a twin bed and make it your own with different bed finishes (white, natural or chestnut), entrance types (stairs or ladders), study/storage (desks and dressers), or play features like you've seen here! Our design team can help you create the perfect look by building your Maxtrix bed!

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Posted Mon, Jul 08, 19