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8 Best Memorial Day Picks for Kids' Rooms 2024

maxtrix memorial day sale

Summer is on the horizon, and with it comes Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial kick-off to the season. We know you're busy getting ready for those long, lazy days of sunshine and fun. But before the sprinklers start spraying and the fireworks start lighting up the night, it might be time to spruce up your little ones' rooms for summertime sleepovers and a cozy place for them to rest their heads after long days of outdoor play.

That's where Maxtrix comes in. We're thanking our amazing customers with stars, stripes, and savings for our Memorial Day Sale 2024. We've got incredible deals on all your Maxtrix favorites, from twin beds to bunk beds for adults.

So, buckle up and get ready to transform your kids’ bedroom into a space that's both fun and functional. Here are 8 of our favorite picks to help you get started:

1. Twin Bed with Storage Cubbies: Bedroom Storage Hero

This twin bed with storage cubbies is a classic with a twist. It's the perfect first big-kid bed for those not quite ready to climb to new heights with loft beds and bunk beds for kids. The four cubbies underneath this Maxtrix bed offer ample space to stash away toys, books, and bedtime essentials, keeping clutter at bay and fostering a sense of organization in your little one.

Try adding two of these versatile bed frames to your guest room to use as the perfect guest beds when summer soirees bring friends and family together. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to snag this storage superstar.

2. The Yo: The Top Tent That Makes Transitions a Breeze

Saying goodbye to the crib and hello to a toddler bed doesn't have to be a tearful affair. The Yo, our twin toddler bed with a top tent, adds some serious fun into this milestone. 16-inch guardrails all around keep your little one safe and secure, while the playful top tent provides a cozy haven for daytime adventures and restful nights.

And the best part? As your child grows, the guardrails and top tent can be removed, transforming this twin bed for toddler into any bed you desire using the Maxtrix’s modular bed system. This is a bed that both parents and little ones can agree on.maxtrix bed system toddler to teen

3. The Easy Rider: The Perfect Introduction to Lofty Dreams

The Easy Rider is a fantastic introduction to the world of loft beds. This kids’ loft bed boasts a lower height and an angled ladder for safe and easy climbing. But the fun doesn't stop there. An underbed curtain transforms the space beneath the low loft bed into a hidden hangout, perfect for imaginative play, discreet storage, or a combination of both.

The Easy Rider can also morph into a taller loft bed, a bunk bed, or even a standard kids’ twin bed frame – all depending on your family's needs. Talk about adaptability!

kids' low loft bed with angled ladder and curtain

4. The Uber Grand: So Tall, It Practically Touches the Fireworks!

Looking to maximize space? Then look no further than the Uber Grand! This extra-tall loft bed for kids and adults boasts nearly 6 feet of clearance underneath, providing ample room for a desk, a comfy lounge area, or even extra storage.

It's the ideal solution for growing kids and adults alike, offering maximum space utilization without compromising on style. With The Uber Grand, your child can have their dream sleep space while still having plenty of room for all their favorite things.

5. The Wow: Where Playtime Takes Center Stage

Bring the thrill of the playground right into your child's room with the Wow. This low loft bed features a slide, a curtain, and a top tent, creating the ultimate play zone. Its low height ensures safety during playtime, while the industry-high 16-inch guardrails keep your little one secure at night.

Both the bed and the underbed area transform into hideaways with the top tent and loft bed curtain, and the slide adds a touch of excitement, making it a blast to get from one level to the next. Our Memorial weekend sale 2024 is the perfect time to let your child's imagination soar with this super fun loft bed with slide.low loft bed with curtains and slide

6. The Summit: Sharing is Caring

The Summit is here to prove that even shared rooms can be spacious and functional. This L shaped loft bed features a lofted twin bed and a lofted full bed, creating designated sleep zones for siblings without sacrificing valuable floor space.

The generous space underneath allows each child to personalize their own area, whether it's for studying, relaxing, or storing their favorite things. The Summit is a lifesaver for space-conscious parents and creates a shared room setup that’s super fun for sibling pairs who want their own individual spaces.

7. The Poof: The Slide Just Got Safer (and More Fun!)

The Poof takes bunk bed fun to a whole new level with its innovative slide platform. This space-saving kids’ bunk bed features a platform specifically built for the slide, making it easier and safer for kids to climb on before whooshing down to the bottom.

Plus, Maxtrix’s RockLock technology keeps this bed extra sturdy and wobble-free, equipping it for all-day play. It's a win-win for both safety and space efficiency.twin size bunk bed with slide platform

8. The Crux: The Ultimate Bunk Bed for Sleepovers and Big Families

Need to sleep a crowd? The Crux has you covered. This quad bunk bed features four sleeping spaces, making it the perfect solution for large families, epic sleepovers, or out-of-town guests.

The clever L shaped bunk bed design allows it to fit snugly into corners, utilizing often-underused space in your home. With this super cool corner bunk bed, you can maximize sleep capacity without sacrificing precious floor space for other furniture and activities.

Sweet Dreams and Big Savings Await

These are just a few of the amazing deals you can find during our Memorial Day furniture sale. From twin beds with storage to space-saving bunk beds, Maxtrix has the best bunk beds, loft beds, and bed frames you need to create a room your child will love. So, don't miss out the best Memorial Day deals and a kids’ bedroom that’s fun and functional. Explore our entire collection of Maxtrix kids’ furniture and find the perfect bed for your child's needs and your budget.

If you can’t find the right bed for your kids’ room, create your own custom bunk bed, loft bed, or kids’ bed to create the bedroom your kiddo has always dreamed of. We want to help you create a space where your child can rest, relax, and dream big. Happy Memorial Day, and happy shopping!

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